How To Get a Call Center Job

How To Get a Call Center Job

Call center jobs are now mainstream. More people are venturing into this profession due to its flexibility, benefits, and many opportunities it offers. However, these are some of the reasons why getting a call center job is challenging.

If getting a call center job is next on your agenda, you are just in time for some well-researched information. Let’s show you how to get a call center job, the required skills and how much you stand to earn.


Why you should get a call center job

A call center job has benefits too many to count. If you still need convincing as to why you should get a call center job, check these out:

It builds you up for a better career.

If you are looking for a job that will set you up for a successful career, get a call center job. This job gives you options for the future and your professional journey. If pursuing a career as a call center representative or manager is your goal, the job helps.

Also, if you only see yourself working in a call center temporarily, the job prepares you for the next phase. The reason is that this profession involves skills that every employer wants their employees to have regardless of the industry. Also, this profession will harness these skillsets and provide an avenue for you to improve your skills.

You don’t need much experience.

Although every employer values an experienced candidate over an inexperienced one, a call center job doesn’t emphasize that. Compared to most jobs, work experience matters less in a call center job.

This opens doors of opportunities for fresh graduates and those who are changing careers. Starting is relatively easy because the call centers train and test their candidates as they employ them.

You gain numerous skills.

Working in a call center is the ultimate skillset builder. Call centers not only create an environment where employees can share knowledge and experiences, but they also help build skills. Getting a call center job takes skill, and emotional intelligence, among other qualities. Besides the obvious qualities you need professionally, you will gain new skills.

Firstly, call centers provide free training for their employees, especially the fresh candidates. Although communication skills are essential to get a call center job, the skill improves tremendously on the job. Multitasking, customer service, marketing, and HR skills are some of the numerous skills working in a call center harnesses.

It is flexible.

A call canter job is the modern-day definition of flexibility. This is a job that does not emphasize much on some factors that the average corporate job does. For instance, if you don’t fancy corporate dresses, a call center will meet you halfway.

Call centers rarely demand that their employees dress corporately. Besides the flexible dress code, a call center job is not the type that you take home. Apart from some unusual cases, all the work you need to do starts and ends at the call center.

Likewise, this is the type of job you can do from home. More call center jobs are done remotely nowadays, which is the height of flexibility. And when you work from home, you make the rules more or less provided you meet targets.

It has networking potential.

Another crucial part of getting a call center job is that you have the opportunity to socialize. Most call centers are packed with a group of call center representatives in one building. This helps to sharpen your social intelligence quotient. More importantly, working in a call center presents an opportunity to meet influential people.

Call center reps receive hundreds of calls daily from people of various backgrounds and social statuses. Some of these customers are influential people who have no problem being friends with their favorite call rep.


How to get a call center job in no time

Call center jobs are one of the most craved jobs today. The competition is a challenge and you need all the help you can to get this job, especially these:

Sharpen your communication skills

Although having a college degree is welcome, a call center job also emphasizes soft skills. On top of these soft skills, the list is communication. A call center agent’s job revolves around communicating with customers which is why you should sharpen this skill.

An excellent communicator is easy to notice. Employers pay attention to this skill from the first day. They notice how you reply to messages, answer questions, and interact with others in general. Don’t wait till you get the job; good communication will give you an edge.

Let the world know that you need a call center job

When you are looking for a job in a competitive field, you need to get help in any way you can. Ask people you know about job openings. Don’t rely solely on your job search because others might have the information you need. After all, it is better to have more people looking for jobs for you.

Also, use social media to connect with professionals in this industry. Become acquainted with them and ask them to inform you of job openings.

Gather experience from related jobs

Experience is crucial to getting a call center job as much as excellent skillsets are. A call center job requires skillsets similar to many other jobs including customer care. While you are hoping to get a call center job, also look for opportunities in related fields. If you get a job there, the experience will move you closer to getting your desired call center job.

Be available

While you look for help to get a call center job, you have to cover the basics. Employers want candidates who are ready to start their new roles. Thus, make yourself available for the new role. Keep your phone lines open, check and refresh your email, and don’t relocate just yet. Lastly, be patient; good things take time.


Education and qualifications required

To get a call center job, a high school diploma, GCSE degree, or its equivalent is enough to get you started. However, some employers prefer to hire candidates with a college or university degree. Thus, getting a degree in communications, advertising, marketing, or related courses is advised.


Skills Required

It takes some distinctive skills to get a call center job. However, the following are some of the must-have skills to succeed in this profession:

Impeccable communication skills.

Communication forms the basis of a call center agent’s job. Interacting with customers over the phone or other means is what you will do daily. How you communicate, including your tone and mannerisms, speaks volumes. To get a call center job, you must know how to communicate fluently and courteously to customers.

Attention to detail

Call center agents receive hundreds of calls daily from customers with different issues. To avoid mixing up information, attention to detail is vital. Keeping records of each detail and paying full attention to a customer is key.


A typical call center representative rarely does one task at once. Even as the customer gives them details of their challenges, they troubleshoot it in that instant. It is common for a call center representative to be on a call, diagnose problems on a computer, while attending to colleagues. Thus, a call center rep must be able to perform multiple tasks at once.


Customers always have something to inquire or complain about. Sometimes, these problems come out of the blue and you might need to make an instant impact. Problem-solving does not necessarily mean that you have all the answers. Rather, it could mean referring the customer to the best person to solve the problem as quickly as possible.


One of the most unorthodox skills for any professional to have is empathy for the customer. Yet, it is a must-have skill if you want to get a call center job. Call centers are about helping customers with everyday challenges.

Some customers are cooperative, while others might be impatient. You ought to understand that their emotions are not about you. Thus, putting yourself in their shoes will help you remain patient and solve their problem.

Listening skills

A vital aspect of effective communication is apt listening skills. Taking your time to listen first before making assumptions helps to understand the plight of the customer. It also gives the customer the impression that you care about them. Improve your listening skills, fully concentrate on the caller, and you will do a great job.

Crisp phone voice.

There is an emphasis on how a call center agent should sound. It is because a call center representative’s voice is the first impression of the company new customers have. To make a good first impression on customers, a call center agent must have clear vocals. A call center should at least sound better than the average person and utter clear words to avoid ambiguity.


What other career opportunities can you find from a call center job?

A call center agent usually works at a call center. These call centers are mostly owned by companies that offer outsourcing services to other firms. However, some companies hire call center representatives as part of their in-house staff.

Getting a call center job can pave the way for better career paths. Thus, if you would like to test the waters in other disciplines, consider some of these:


Before call center jobs became mainstream, receptionists have always played that role. A receptionist’s job description is similar to that of a call center agent, which is why switching to this career is relatively easy.

Also, the skills required for a receptionist’s job are similar to those you are familiar with in a call center job. Impeccable interpersonal skills, multitasking, and superior communication skills, are some of the skills you would need for both careers.

Customer relations agent

These professionals deal directly with customers, especially the company’s most valued clients. Customer relations associates help their company to maintain a cordial and symbiotic relationship with important clients.

In this job, you would work with every member of your team and colleagues to ensure customer satisfaction. Since the skills required for this profession mirror those of working in a call center, you would fit in seamlessly.

Technical support agent

For those who would love to have a career in IT, here is your chance. IT companies know that customers might face some challenges while using their products or services. For this reason, they have a unit for helping customers solve everyday problems.

The employees in charge of this duty are the IT experts who operate as call center agents. They help troubleshoot and solve problems related to software, hardware, cybersecurity, and many more. Note that you might need to get a college degree to start a career in this path.


Do you fancy having a career in the hospitality or tourism business? If you do, then you should consider becoming a concierge or hotel custodian. These professionals help people with finding vacation sites, booking hotels, and other assistance that makes their stay or travel comfortably.

You can also do this job virtually through phone calls, emails, or instant messaging systems. The skills and experience you acquired from your call center job set you up nicely for this profession.


How much does a call center job pay?

The salary for call center jobs varies by location and the size of the company. However, a call center agent in the U.S. earns $15.80 per hour on average.  Meanwhile, their U.K. counterparts earn on average, a salary of GBP26,000.

Similarly, the average salary for a call center representative in Nigeria is between NGN70,000 and NGN230,000 per month.  While call center jobs pay their employees S$2,900 on average every month.



Although a call center job is not among the highest paying jobs in the world, it offers many other benefits. More importantly, this job sets you up for a rewarding career in many other professions. The skills you need for a call center job are some of the most sought-after skills any employee could possess.

Follow the above steps to getting a call center job and work on polishing the relevant skills. Good luck!


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