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Hot Nigerian Jobs: Tips on Where and How to Get the Job

Are you interested in getting hot Nigerian jobs?

Across roughly every sector or discipline in the country, there are hot jobs everywhere. These are the highest-paying jobs in the land. If you are wondering how to get these hot jobs in Nigeria or you doubt whether they exist, we have got you covered.

Are you ready to discover where these hot jobs are and what you need to get them in Nigeria?

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Where can I get hot jobs in Nigeria?

One of the most important aspects of getting hot Nigerian jobs is knowing where to look. Without direction, your search for hot jobs and how to get them would be a waste of time. Therefore, before you go straight to the “how”, you must first go through the “where”. To help you find out where and how to get hot jobs in Nigeria, look here:


Hot Nigerian Jobs in Government agencies

In developed countries, getting a government job is not the first thing that comes to the average job seeker’s mind. On the contrary, Nigerian government jobs are becoming some of the most sought-after in the country. Due to the high level of unemployment in recent times, the craving for government jobs has reached an all-time high.

From public schools to ministries, not many can say no to these jobs regardless of the relatively average salary. The interesting part is that some less popular government establishments have some of the hottest jobs overall.

These jobs come with the same level of security other government jobs in Nigeria have. Also, the salary is highly competitive. For hot jobs in Nigeria, these government establishments are where you should start looking:


Nigerian Ports Authority

Seeing how much goods move in and out daily, this department is one of the highest revenue-generating sectors in the country. For this reason, they have the hottest jobs with sky-high salaries. The jobs available range from firemen and women to IT professionals with entry-level graduates earning roughly NGN140,000 monthly.

How to get hot jobs in the NPA

Firstly, the NPA does not recruit frequently, so you have to always check their website for firsthand information. Next, find one of the hot jobs you are interested in and read the qualification for the position. Then, send your CV and application with your contact information such as:

  • your address (not P.O. box)
  • mobile telephone numbers
  • first school leaving certificate

You must email the information on or before six weeks after the date of the job advert to

Alternatively, you could send the application to this address:

The General Manager Human Resources
Nigerian Ports Authority
26 / 28 Marina, Lagos


Federal Inland Revenue Service

The Nigerian government has several sectors and ministries where people are hired and paid for their services. Yet, not all these establishments generate revenue for the government. Hence those who work in a revenue-generating establishment earn almost twice what their contemporaries earn. For the hottest government jobs in Nigeria, the Federal Inland Revenue Service is one of the go-to places.

Although the FIRS doesn’t like to make their salary structure public knowledge, recent findings show that their staff is well-paid. Entry-level employees earn an average of NGN125,000 monthly. The hot jobs are available at the FIRS range from Tax Managers, Assistant Tax Managers, and security personnel, to IT professionals.

How to get FIRS hot jobs

Like the typical Nigerian government jobs, it is difficult to know exactly when the recruitment process would commence. To remain in the loop, you would have to check the official FIRS website at least once a week for updates. This is also where you would find the job portal at when the recruitment process kicks off.

The requirement for each job will be clearly stated on the website. However, the following requirements apply to virtually every candidate:

  • computer literacy is required
  • applicants must be well-versed in Microsoft Office and other relevant web applications
  • a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in relevant disciplines is required for most positions.
  • HND in relevant disciplines is also accepted


Central Bank of Nigeria

The Central Bank of any country is one of the most powerful establishments in that country. Not only do they make the rules other banks follow, but they also lead by example regarding their salary structure. While banks generally have some of the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria offers a competitive salary as well.

If you are seeking for not Nigerian jobs, I will say that virtually all the jobs available at the Central Bank of Nigeria are hot. Entry-level CBN employees typically earn between NGN120,000 and NGN160,000. In most cases, these are the available hot jobs you would find:

  • Entry-level Office Assistant
  • Graduate Accountant
  • Librarian
  • Information Technology Officer
  • Graduate Executive Assistant
  • Administrative Officer
How to get hot CBN jobs

Each position has a set of requirements to qualify for the job. To find all the latest qualifications and requirements, you would need to visit the official website of the Central Bank of Nigeria. After finding out the requirement for each job, you would apply for the job through the CBN recruitment portal.

The job portal is usually open when the job application is ongoing. At the end of the application phase, the portal becomes inaccessible. However, for any hot job you are applying for, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have passed your SSCE/WASCwith at least a credit pass in not less than three subjects
  • Alternatively, you should have credit passes in at least four subjects in their NECO/NCE/GCE Ordinary Level All four credit passes must be gotten in one sitting.
  • The must-pass subjects include English Language and Mathematics
  • You must have good communication skills



Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency

Many have accused government agencies of being secretive about their dealings, especially their salary structure and recruitment exercises. The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) are one of the highest-paying agencies in the country. Entry-level graduates earn between NGN220,00 and NGN250,000 monthly – this is at least 8-times the national minimum wage. If that doesn’t make the jobs available in NIMASA hot jobs, then nothing probably will.

How to get hot NIMASA jobs

The first step to getting the hot jobs available at NIMASA is to keep stalking their official website at It is advised to keep checking their website weekly. When the portal finally opens for application;

  • read the guidelines and have your credentials ready.
  • Open the job portal through the official website
  • Scan your documents and upload them to the portal
  • Get your confirmatory message
  • Wait for the published names and don’t pay anyone for “extra help”

The qualifications and other requirements for the jobs include the following:

  • Computer literacy
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old upon application for any role.
  • A Certificate of Competency in engineering is a must-have
  • Applicants must possess an engineering degree from an accredited Nigerian institution or its equivalent.
  • A current certificate of fitness and medical history must be presented
  • Other qualifications for both engineering-related and non-engineering-related jobs stated must be met.


Jobs in Banks and other financial institutions

It will gladden your heart to know that government jobs are not only jobs that can be described as hot Nigerian jobs. In Nigeria, the banking industry has one of the highest-paying organizations for hot jobs. Besides the commercial banks, other financial institutions have hot jobs that are among the highest in the country. Thus, by knowing that the banking sector is another hub for hot jobs in Nigeria, you are one step away from getting them.

In a Nigerian bank, these are some of the hot jobs you would find:

  • Marketing representative
  • Loan officer
  • Branch manager
  • Internal auditor
  • Data processing officer
  • IT and Programming support

How to get hot jobs in the banking sector

Each bank or financial institution has its requirement for each position. Yet, to get these hot jobs, consider the following;

  • Go to the bank’s career page
  • Check the requirements for your preferred role
  • log in to the recruitment portal of the bank and apply accordingly

Most banks in Nigeria would only hire candidates less than 30 years old, especially for entry-level roles. There will be a series of tests and screenings for the role. After the tests, the qualified candidates would be trained before onboarding fully takes effect.

Jobs in Media and communications agencies

The harsh economy of the country in recent times caused the media and communications sector to take a big hit. Yet, the media and communications market in Nigeria has recently received a huge boost thanks to local talents and the internet.

How to get hot media jobs

In Nigeria, more multinational media agencies and franchises have begun to swoop in with competitive offers. From foreign news agencies to multinational advertising conglomerates, hot jobs in media and communications are on the rise. Here are some of the hot jobs in media:

  • Public relations experts
  • Video editors
  • Content strategist
  • IT specialist
  • Brand specialist
  • Creative director
  • Media planner/buyer

How to get hot jobs in media and communications

  • Follow top media agencies and pay attention to their open job positions
  • Look out for adverts in the papers or on social media
  • Check job sites for hot media jobs
  • Follow the application process for each media company
  • Apply to the authorized platforms
  • Prepare for the interview as well as other screening exercises
  • Await their feedback and send a follow-up message after some time


Nigerian Hot Jobs in Marketing agencies

This is one of the disciplines that has grown over the past few decades. It is no understatement that marketing is perhaps the most diverse industry in Nigeria. The encouraging aspect of marketing is that you don’t have to look for marketing agencies alone for hot marketing jobs. Thanks to the internet, marketing has evolved in Nigeria and you can get hot marketing jobs both here and abroad.

How to get hot marketing jobs

Digital marketing is one of the biggest aspects of marketing that has revolutionized marketing globally. Some of the hot jobs in marketing you will find in Nigeria are:

  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Technical writing director
  • Product marketing manager
  • Copywriting specialist
  • Market research director

To get these jobs, you must have the following:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in journalism, marketing, advertising, English Language, or any related field.
  • Experience in any of the desired job
  • A portfolio of currently completed projects
  • Knowledge of the latest marketing resources and practices
  • Social media savvy

There are also various screening exercises you must go through before getting any of these hot jobs.


Hot Nigerian Jobs in Oil and gas companies

Regardless of the downhill plunge of oil and gas in the international market, it seems Nigeria would still be relying on oil and gas for some time. This is why this sector remains the place to look for hot jobs in Nigeria.

Besides private-owned indigenous oil and gas companies, Nigeria has multinational oil and gas companies throughout the land. Also, let’s not forget the government-owned oil and gas establishments. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is one of such top oil and gas establishments in the country.

Like other revenue-generating government agencies, the NNPC pays its workers highly. At entry-level, employees receive up to NGN180,000 monthly.

How to get hot jobs in oil and gas

For both NNPC and other private-owned oil and gas companies with hot jobs, candidates must have at least a Bachelor’s degree to apply. Also, you must check the official websites of these oil and gas companies for the application requirements and screening dates. Once you pass the screening exercise, you are on your way to landing a hot oil and gas job in Nigeria.



When it comes to hot jobs in Nigeria, people rarely pay attention to government establishments. Yet, some of them are among the highest-paying organizations with the hottest jobs. Besides the government establishments, other private organizations have a host of hot jobs all over the country.

Remember that the first step to getting hot jobs in Nigeria is knowing where the hot jobs are. Secondly, you ought to know the requirements for these hot jobs. Lastly, the process of getting these jobs must be followed just as we have highlighted them for you. Good luck!

Are there any other hot jobs in Nigeria we failed to mention? Please let us know in the comments section below so that we can add them to the list.

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