Habits Of Highly Successful Social Media Managers

Habits Of Highly Successful Social Media Managers

The digital space is arguably the most viable marketing tool in the 21st century. It is mainly driven by social media platforms. So the need to have individuals who can efficiently and effectively promote a firm’s product and services digitally cannot be over-emphasized. A social media manager is a fellow who is responsible for the planning, implementation, and monitoring of a firm’s social media strategy with the aim of increasing sales, brand outlook, and improving overall marketing efforts. With over 48% of global internet users relying entirely on social media for brand information, businesses now recognize the need to boost their online presence.


Life as a social media manager can be challenging. One universal feature of this line of job is the need to wear many hats. Be it content creation, customer service, or public relations and sales, firms depend on their social media managers to come through for them. Despite the extensiveness of social media, it is getting more difficult by the day to build an effective and engaged digital community. Social media usage is evolving so quickly that the trend of a particular day can become obsolete the next day; hence, its management relies heavily on strategy and timing.

The responsibility of a social media manager varies depending on the size and industry of the organization. In smaller organizations, the social media manager may have to operate as a one-man content creator, doing graphic designing, copywriting, as well as photo and video editing. While within larger organizations, social media managers may work with specialized agencies or teams and even professionals with those skills. There are also situations where the brand owner will manage the brand’s social media accounts for self-projection, especially if the brand is just starting up.

To get and retain the attention of your followers and to make your brand stand out among others, you will need to develop the right habits. Below are the habits of a highly successful social media manager.


Habits Of Highly Successful Social Media Managers

Sets clearly defined objectives: As a social media manager, you should be able to show your contributions to the growth of the business to secure your job and for your career’s progression. To achieve that, you have to explicitly define the objectives and goals agreed with your employer. A social media manager may be required to;

    • Boost online sales
    • Attract clients to the business
    • Generate client’s lead on social media
    • Secure invitations for your company’s representative to speak at important industry events and get the submissions published in key industry publications.
    • Create and sustain conversations about the brand on social media

Each of these tasks you may be asked to achieve has a value it brings to the firm. Identifying how to prioritize those, means you will know where to invest your time and achieve the desired results. The impact of your activities at the end of a financial season is what will justify the investment made by businesses on social media and determine future allocations to your projects.


Builds a community and not an audience: The role is not just about drawing attention but building an engaging online community. The first step is to know whom you want in your community and be conscious of what they want to hear from you. Don’t forget that your role is promotional and marketing, so appeal to people who will find what you are saying interesting and eventually patronize you.

Your message will not resonate with everyone. Regardless, focus on the basis; if you are managing social media on behalf of an NGO or a small organization, your audience is likely to be smaller than that of a national or international organization. So every day, go into your platforms and see what is working, answer questions and read comments. Let it always be about your community and what they are most interested in, what fascinates and inspires them, tap from it, and create content that will suit them. You will be able to keep them around for a long time.


Good time management: A successful social media manager determines how much time he devotes to social media. It is all about timely engagement with your community; consistency and intent are paramount. Plan your activity in such a way that the job doesn’t take your entire day; if you have the whole day or just an hour a day for social media, you should create a time management plan to avoid spinning your wheels and wasting time.


Creates and posts engaging content: The worth of a successful social media manager depends largely on the value attached to the content he or she posts. You should be able to create contents that bring engagement, such as comments, likes, shares, and views. Developing such content requires a lot of confidence and understanding of your social media community well enough. Bring out contents that are thought-provoking to ignite responses from your audience. And always reply and acknowledge as many comments as possible. Do not be tempted to use controversial issues; it might end up being a PR summersault.


Advertises the firm’s products: Creating catchy content will earn you attention, but running ads will reach a broader audience to build brand awareness and boost You need to know the right advert to run, that will serve its intended purpose. The essence of advertising is to create brand awareness, lead generation, drive traffic to your website, retarget, promote products and services, convert and boost sales; all these a successful social media manager considers before choosing and running an ad.


Infuses personality into their post: In sales, the best people are not those who push the sales the hardest. Rather, it’s the salespeople who focus on building trust and rapport who end up being the loyal customers. The same is with social media. Make your social media infused with your personality and that of others in the business. For instance, if your CEO is charismatic and open to social media publicity, you can from time to time revolve the firm’s products and services around his or her personality.


Focuses on metrics that matter: Social media management requires learning how to measure social media success. It is very easy to get lost if you don’t know what metrics are worth tracking. You need to track metrics that have bearing effects on the main business goals. If you are interested in getting more sales, you should be tracking metrics like referrals, click-through rate, and conversations. Whatever the goal is, try to identify metrics that are directly related. This way, you can make better and more informed decisions.

Conclusively, social media is always high on traffic, sometimes followers can be mean, some others less appreciative. Being constantly online is also addictive, so it is important to always have a check on your mental health. Secondly, though learning tactics are good, having highly effective people put more attention on developing new habits is arguably better. Tactics change over time while habits become a part of your personality; the more you practice, the more it becomes part of you.

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