Fashion Copywriter Job Description

Fashion Copywriter Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Are you searching for a fashion copywriter job description? Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a fashion copywriter. Feel free to use our job description template to produce your own. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a fashion copywriter.


Who is a Fashion Copywriter?

A Fashion Copywriter is a content producer who exclusively or as part of a larger area of competence creates copy for the fashion sector. Writing in the fashion industry can involve a wide range of different tasks, types of content, and writing styles because it is a sizable and constantly growing industry.

Fashion copywriters often provide material for specific fashion labels and retail establishments including e-commerce sites, brick-and-mortar stores, and everything in between. As such, content development for fashion is generally heavily branded, with specific marketing criteria surrounding the phrasing, tone, and text style.

The forefront of online sales is the fashion industry. Because of this, businesses require a specialist who can add value to a brand through carefully chosen text and knows how to maximize the results of this specialized work. A fashion copywriter is skilled at swaying customers’ purchase decisions.

The fashion copywriter must carefully and subtly convey the brand’s objective in all texts and materials. Behind each brand, there is an interesting story waiting to be told. They must also discover the look that best represents the brand; this is based on both the target market and the brand personality.

A fashion copywriter needs to find the right balance between information and promotion: in addition to offering products for sale, these texts must address the reader’s concerns and include all necessary details, such as shipping, returns, exchanges, etc.

Another thing to do as a fashion copywriter is to speak in the customer’s language and be simple to comprehend while providing details about the product’s composition or any other pertinent information. You should use appropriate language and refrain from using too much technical jargon.

Fashion copywriters should keep in mind that people perform some transactions on mobile devices these days, hence content must be precise so they do not quickly lose interest. They should ensure to engage the public with eye-catching written content to enhance the impact of stunning images of clothing or accessories. This can give the personality of the item and communicate a brand message to potential customers.


Fashion Copywriter Job Description

What is a fashion copywriter job description? A fashion copywriter job description is simply a list of duties and responsibilities of a fashion copywriter in an organization. Below are the fashion copywriter job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a fashion copywriter job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The duties and responsibilities of the fashion copywriter include the following:

  • Attend fashion exhibitions and retail establishments to remain updated on the newest trends.
  • Compose, edit and publish articles about fashion-related text for various print and online magazines.
  • Discuss the editorial team’s needs for material to make sure it is pertinent and adheres to the publication’s guidelines.
  • Exhibit the fashion brand product like clothing, beauty products & accessories you are working for with intriguing content.
  • Manage the design of the layout before production and provide improvement suggestions as needed.
  • Meet the industry leaders for interviews, including fashion designers, architects, and models.
  • Contact photographers to ensure that all articles include stunning imagery.
  • Send fresh content to the marketing staff, editorial manager, and editor-in-chief.
  • Utilize social media and online networking to promote publications.
  • Recognize different styles of clothing and popular culture.
  • Research the newest fashion trends and beauty products accessible on the market.
  • Test fashion items and cosmetic products, then write reviews to promote the goods.



  • A high school certificate, GED, or its equivalent
  • An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in fashion design, marketing, or communications (Optional)
  • Experience as a fashion copywriter, content writer, or in a position similar to these
  • Practical knowledge of content management systems e.g. WordPress


Essential Skills

Here are the skills you require in your career as a fashion copywriter:

  • Analytical
  • Creativity
  • Accuracy and Research
  • Detail-orientation
  • Curiosity
  • Passion
  • Excellent Writing Skill
  • Time Management
  • Persuasion
  • Outstanding Listening
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Having analytical abilities is all about gathering and evaluating data to get the best answers and choices. You can sift through vast amounts of data to find patterns and trends.

Develop your analytical abilities and use them as often as possible if you want to become a good fashion copywriter. You might use this skill to communicate the appropriate message to the appropriate audience. You should work on developing your analytical skill as it will help your copywriting profession.


It is crucial for everything you write to seem as if it is new, even if it is on a topic you have addressed several times before. Writing uniquely and interestingly is one method of doing this. It also involves using various words and your imagination to develop an entirely new angle on the same fashion content you have been writing. Your mastery in copywriting will enable you to create engaging pieces that hold their interest over time.

Accuracy and Research

It will be useful to understand how to do research. The usage of the internet will accelerate and simplify that procedure. Excellent research abilities are important for client interactions as well. Asking the appropriate questions can help you fully comprehend the goods or services, which is essential if you want to market them successfully.

An accurate grasp of the product or brand itself is essential when developing content in this crowded and brand-focused business. Fashion brands frequently compete with hundreds or thousands of other companies, so it is essential to create content that meets their needs right away. This entails well-researched material that is accurate to their items.


Along with the specific language proficiency, you will also need to recognize mistakes in your work as a fashion copywriter. You will have to be your proofreader and copy editor. All copies should be as mistake free as feasible before being transmitted to the client.


You need to learn about the fashion product you are selling to produce persuasive content. This entails learning about its characteristics, advantages, and selling aspects. And, if you want to approach the campaign from a fresh perspective, the more you know about the product the easier it will be to locate one.


Many content writers desire careers in the fashion industry. Therefore, your enthusiasm for your subject area may distinguish your talents from those of your rivals. This should demonstrate to the customer that you have a love for the content you are producing if you especially enjoy writing about, researching, and providing information for the fashion industry. Your work will be of higher overall quality and show your enthusiasm in your writing.

Excellent Writing Skill

One of the most important skills a fashion copywriter must possess is the ability to write to high quality, regardless of who they write for, whether they work through a copywriting agency, in-house, or independently. It also means avoiding clichés fashion content and utilizing the best words in the appropriate sequence for the subject you are writing about and the audience you are addressing.

As a fashion copywriter, you will be outstanding if you can combine words in the most fluid, subtle, eloquent, and motivating manner. If you can’t accomplish this, it will only result in unhappy clients, a lot of time wasted on corrections and rewrites, and a less than efficient use of your free time. Additionally, it will probably feel like an unpleasant task to complete.

Time Management

Although literature and fashion are arts, both are today very much managed as businesses. As a result, it is crucial to continuously maintain track of time, produce material by a deadline, and develop text according to a timetable. You should prepare for shorter deadlines and quicker turnarounds because the speed of business in the fashion industry is much faster than in other sectors.


Fashion copywriters need to be able to see themselves in the customer’s position. When writing copy promoting a product or service, you must be able to convince the reader that they will get anything from it.

Outstanding Listening

If you are working for someone, you must be able to listen to your colleagues and boss and provide them with what they need. You will use this skill for conducting product research and selecting the best vantage point to compose your fashion content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Writing beautiful prose is a big part of copywriting. The success of a piece of writing, however, can depend on a variety of other factors when it is published online. These concerns search engine optimization.

Google will read the words contained in everything posted online to locate the most relevant pages for searches. These can help your blog or article get pulled up as a top result by Google if you use specific keywords in your writing.

This increases its prominence and can significantly affect audience size. This is important for fashion companies wanting to market their brands or sell more of their products.


How to Become a Fashion Copywriter

Below are the steps to becoming a fashion copywriter:

Step One: Get Educated

Although an associate’s or bachelor’s degree is not necessary for copywriting, however, it is advantageous in some firms. You can consider training in journalism, marketing, writing, or marketing research, as it might increase your marketability.

Step Two: Master the Foundations of Copywriting and Your Niche

A copywriter creates engaging, educational, and persuasive communications. They draft emails and write for websites, brochures, and catalogs. Fashion copywriters primarily create material for marketing or advertising campaigns to increase consumer awareness of a fashion brand. Copywriters do more than only write advertisements, though. They also create material to inform their audience and highlight the fashion business’s domain knowledge. In addition to good writing skills, copywriters must also be proficient at researching, editing, proofreading, and finding imagery while having a functional grasp of marketing and how content fits into the marketing process.

Step Three: Understand Marketing Metrics in General

Going into the fashion industry as a writer, you should know a bit about site design and development, content marketing, and social media integration. They must be able to work well in teams, be organized, be skilled at proofreading, come up with original, innovative ideas, and manage deadlines while frequently working in difficult situations.

Step Four: Create a Portfolio

Fashion copywriters must create a portfolio of their work to demonstrate their writing skills and fashion knowledge. A carefully crafted portfolio can demonstrate your writing prowess and innovative thinking to prospective employers and clients, enabling them to decide whether your approach and background are a good fit for the job.

It is advisable to have a website that highlights your portfolio and effectively and professionally demonstrates your writing skills and capacity to think creatively to address a brand’s most pressing communication challenges, whether you are searching for internship opportunities, submitting a job application, or trying to land a freelance gig.

Step Five: Create Professional Connections and a Network

Fashion copywriters need to connect with people in the industry and other business professionals to expand their personal and professional networks, just like any other profession. For fashion copywriters who work as independent contractors or on a contract basis, networking may be extremely crucial since it opens up several options for mentoring and professional development.


Where to Work as a Fashion Copywriter

Fashion copywriters work for fashion brands and can operate in situations, including as part of an in-house marketing team, with a full-service advertising business, or as freelance professionals. They can also be self-employed.


Fashion Copywriter Salary Scale

In the United States, a fashion copywriter makes an average salary of $51,228 yearly, which is about $24.63 per hour. This amounts to $985 per week or $4,269 per month. The majority of fashion copywriters’ salaries currently range between $19,500 to $91,000 annually across the United States, according to ZipRecruiter.

In the UK, a fashion copywriter makes an average of £30,000 a year, or £15.38 an hour.

In Canada, a fashion copywriter might earn CA$51,025 a year, or CA$26.17 per hour. More experienced ones earn up to CA$68,640 annually, while entry-level roles start at CA$42,900.

In Australia, a fashion copywriter can expect to make AU$44.87 per hour or AU$77,500 per year on average. Entry-level ones start at AU$65,814 per year, while most experienced professionals make up to AU$95,121 per year.

In Germany, a fashion copywriter can expect to make €39,078 annually.

Ireland pays a copywriter €36,364 on average per year.

The average monthly salary for a fashion copywriter in Nigeria is ₦113,000.

There may be several prospects for growth and improved salary dependent on skill level, region, and years of experience.

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