Fashion Consultant Job Description

Fashion Consultant Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Are you searching for a fashion consultant job description? Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a fashion consultant. Feel free to use our fashion consultant job description template to produce your own fashion consultant job description. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a fashion consultant.


Who is a Fashion Consultant?

A Fashion Consultant is a professional fashion stylist whose duty is to assist clients or customers and maintain a professional or personal fashion image with clothing and appearance styles. They are expert stylists, therefore they assist their clients in choosing clothes and accessories for all their events and occasions. Their clients may vary from entertainment industries, businesses, and even individuals who can afford to pay for their services.

The clothing and fashion industries are rapidly improving in trends, aesthetics, and styles. Fashion Consultants are professionally trained in assisting clients to create and adopt professional and personal styles. They collaborate with customers that identify the exact clothing and accessory styles that soothe the personality of their customers or clients. Most Fashion Consultants work with influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and high-profile individuals to develop timeless fashion styles that the right impression on these individuals. Fashion consultants have a wide range of clients to work with. If you are passionate about fashion designing, you may want to explore your creative mind and without a second thought, Fashion Consulting will be an excellent field of learning to consider while choosing a career path.

As you wrap up the necessary education and programs, you must go for an internship and make sure to complete the required years of your working experience otherwise called an internship under the supervision of well-experienced fashion consultants. You may want to do this in a notable fashion establishment as it can increase your chances of getting a good job. Working as an intern in a firm offers you the leverage of connecting in person with other professionals and you may decide to make use of it in developing your career through seasoned networking. It is easy to remain broke or unrecognized in the Fashion industry if you lack the willingness to achieve success or top your business. Therefore, your enthusiasm keeps you ahead of others.


Fashion Consultant Job Description

What is a fashion consultant job description? A fashion consultant job description is simply a list of duties and responsibilities of a fashion consultant in an organization. Below are the fashion consultant job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a fashion consultant job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The duties and responsibilities of a fashion consultant include the following:

  • Providing advice on fashion and recommending styles, patterns, single pieces, colors, fabrics, and outfits
  • Collaborating with customers or clients to identify the aesthetics and tailoring designs that soothe their individuals personalities
  • Assisting clients with their choice of purchase in retail malls or establishments to support and improve customer satisfaction and firm goals
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction through support services provisions and providing help for clients in getting the right personal and professional attire
  • Staying current and well educated on new products arrivals, current trends, company products, and personality differences as this helps them in meeting the individual needs of their clients accurately
  • Networking with clients and diverse fashion experts and also being committed to building a sustainable relationship with them to ensure growth in business
  • Scheduling and keeping appointments with customers, keeping in touch with business heads online and offline, and making and receiving phone calls at the appropriate time



  • High school certificate or GED.
  • An associate’s or a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion designing and Consulting or a similar field would be an advantage
  • A minimum of 1 to 2 years of internship or working experience in a fashion firm as either a stylist or a fashion consultant or in any close position
  • High level of application of current designs or trends and a good knowledge of selling brands
  • Excellent customer service, sales, and communication skills
  • Good time management and organizational skills
  • Strong social media usage and networking skills


Essential Skills

  • Good Time Management: Fashion Consultants are expected to make good of their time in meeting both clients’ demands and industry targets. To ensure they keep to time, it is advised they do the following; Delegate duties to their subordinates or even pay fellow professionals to handle some of their work. They may also hire to assist in creating and responding to messages or emails, booking appointments, and doing laundry. Secondly, Fashion Consultants show to focus on the real projects and minimize all forms of distraction like endless social media scrolling or surfing
  • Computer or Gadget-aided Design Skills: Besides drawing and sketching skills, Fashion Consultants on some applications in smart gadgets to complete or even start their work. Therefore a Fashion Consultant should understand the use of Fashion software and programs to better relay their ideas to their clients. They may also need to be dextrous with basic digital skills like online calenders and client schedule management for booking and keeping to appointments. Sketching and drawing skills, fashion designers rely on computer-aided fashion designs to start and finish fashion-related projects and other work activities
  • Great Leadership Skill: Fashion Consultants may have various fashion workers under their supervision. These workers may include, Fashion designers and their assistants, interns, fashion editors, and of course, personal assistants. Therefore there is a high level of expectancy that Fashion Consultants should demonstrate good leadership qualities as it will help them in running their business smoothly while maintaining staff
  • Adaptability and  Flexibility: Fashion Consultants may experience changes in their responsibilities as fashion is continuously evolving. They should be flexible enough to adapt quickly to new trends to avoid running behind time


  • In-depth understanding of  Textiles and Fabrics: Knowing the difference between all the varieties of textiles and fabrics is important in achieving success as a Fashion Consultant. You must know each textile and fabric, their outcomes and perfect combinations, the potential troubles or challenges in using any of them, durability, and cultural or ethnic values. Here we will be listing some fabrics consultants work with: Chambray, denim, cotton, brocade, damask, jersey, silk, gingham, chiffon, flannel, etc. In addition, Fashion Consultants should know how these materials are being produced and they may need to keep in touch with the fabric or textile production industries to ensure they produce the right designs for their clients and the general public
  • Detail Oriented: In the Fashion industry, details are vital and Consultants are expected to be Keen on recognizing every detail regardless of the size or impact. These details may be in color combination, stitches, patterns, model’s expressions, and. Fashion Consultants should be quick in identifying the slightest changes to achieve the desired client’s satisfaction and aesthetic
  • Willingness to succeed: This is otherwise termed passion for the business. It is easy to remain broke or unrecognized in the Fashion industry if you lack the willingness to achieve success or top your business. It is your enthusiasm that keeps you ahead of others
  • Sketching and Visualisation Skills: The ideas of Fashion Consultants typically dwells in their thoughts and if there is no sketch, these images in their minds won’t have expression and there is no way the client will understand what you are saying until he or she can visualize them. One good way to express your thoughts in the Fashion industry is through sketching
  • Excellent Communication Skills: Fashion Consultants should be able to communicate their idea, progress, and plans to clients, colleagues, and others. You must be good at using the basic language of your work environment to ensure the successful running of your business or company
  • Basic Business Skills: The Fashion industry require that Consultants have good knowledge of some business skills that are considered basic such as planning, marketing, management, and budgeting. In case you wish to run a private Fashion Consulting firm, you must understand these skills and their applications to achieve success in your brand


How to Become a Fashion Consultant

Although it’s not always necessary that Fashion Consultants to get a Degree or high school diploma, some business prospects, prospective clients and employers may request these certificates from their prospective employees as it proves to an extent your level of skill acquisition and expertise in the field. Here we will list the steps you should take to become and also develop your career in Fashion consulting.

  • Acquire a Degree Certificate: You may get a job in Fashion Consulting without a certificate but many clients and employers are comfortable having a certified Fashion Consultant do their work. This now creates the need to acquire at least a Degree in Arts and Textiles, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Designing, or any other related field. It is advisable to obtain any of these Degrees from an accredited College or Institution where there is maximum focus on branding, fashion designing, research on textile, color theory, fabric making, retail services, and so on to produce seasoned stylists and Fashion Consultants at the end of every program


  • Advance by obtaining Professional certifications: Although this is not always required, obtaining Professional Certifications will aid the easy demonstration of your skills, qualifications, and expertise and it also puts you at the top of your career in this industry. A Professional body known as the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) provides three different levels of certificates for Fashion Consultants to improve their career path. The least level of certification demonstrates your credibility and knowledge in the industry and the credential given is called, The Certified Image Consultant (CIC). The second credential offered by the AICI is the Certified Image Professional (CIP) which focuses on building a high-level consulting firm or business and networking. The next level of certification provided by the AICI for Professional Fashion Consultants which is the highest level of certification is the Certified Image Master (CIM) certificate. This one demonstrates the depth of your knowledge in Fashion and it’s also a strong proof of your continuous advancement in learning and practice
  • Complete the minimum years of internship: As you wrap up the necessary education and programs, you must go for an internship and make sure to complete the required years of your working experience otherwise called internship under the supervision of well-experienced fashion consultants. You may want to do this in a notable fashion establishment as it can increase your chances of getting a good job. Working as an intern in a firm offers you the leverage of connecting in person with other professionals and you may decide to make use of these connections in developing your career through seasoned networking


  • Obtain retail service experience: You may need to consider working in a retail fashion establishment to build your practical knowledge in displaying materials with creativity to attract customers, also learn material sourcing or processing, and work with a wide range of clients. This particular working experience will enhance your communication and customer service skills development and also it will help you know how to meet the company’s sales deadlines and goals to avoid stocking up on obsolete fashion designs, textiles, and trends. This experience is going to boost your confidence a lot especially if you decide to own and run your own Fashion Consulting firm
  • Develop a career network: While gaining work experience as we have earlier mentioned, you must build sustainable connections with other professionals or experts in the industry. Ask detailed questions that will facilitate your improvement in the field and also enhance your ability to relate with clients and meet their needs with your creative suggestions and Fashion advice. Developing your career network will also be advantageous when you meet prospective clients and get new good job offers


Where to work as a Fashion Consultant

As a Fashion Consultant, you may decide to work in a Public Consulting firm or company or own your own company. Whichever path you choose, the main consideration is who you work for (your clients). Fashion Consultants have a wide range of clients ranging from, entertainers, politicians, and others. Therefore, you can be employed by the entertainment industries, High profile individuals, and big Fashion establishments


Fashion Consultant Salary Scale

Indeed’s salary data has it that Consultants working in diverse establishments or industries may expect to get an average salary of $73,106 per year, while Fashion Designers can earn an average salary of about $50,334 per year. Fashion Designing Consultants an average of $65,904 per year, this entails that Fashion Consultants are entitled to enjoying a good compensation plan. Your average income may vary depending on your qualifications, experience, prospective clients, and work location. Fashion Consultants can expect prospective job opportunities to pay within this range between the years 2019 and 2029, with a 4% decline in the outlook of fashion designers’ career paths as stated by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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