Do you Enjoy Doing Independent Research

Interview Question: Do you Enjoy Doing Independent Research?

How do you answer the interview question: “Do you enjoy doing independent research?” Interviews are platforms where Job recruiters assess job applicants to discover if they are competent for the job position. Job recruiters sometimes can ask simple and easy questions but, sometimes interviewers ask the most difficult questions. This interview question is a difficult question. As a job applicant, you need to think critically and come up with the best answer in order to impress your interviewer. Answering this question inappropriately can disqualify you from getting the job. In addition, remember that there are other contenders for the job; do your best to answer appropriately in order to land your dream job.

Tips for Answering the Question

Answer the Question Critically

This implies that you should not give a Yes or No answer but answer the question in a critical manner. The reason why the job recruiter is asking this question is to assess your approach to learning and development. Some employers provide employees with everything they need to know about a role while some others require that employees should figure it out on their own. Below is a sample response:

I do enjoy doing independent research, yet I also love to get inputs from others with greater experience. I will love a kind of mentorship relationship when conducting research. For instance, in my previous place of work, I worked as a Dairy Farmer; there was a project that required that we should increase the milk production of the cows. I stumbled on research conducted by a renowned Agriculturist and I followed the guidelines of the research which resulted in the increased milk production of our cows. In addition, I also met one on one with the researcher, developed a mentorship relationship with the researcher, and above all added my own input to the research which got the organization a tremendous result. My boss at work also added his inputs to the research.

Answer the Question Based On the Job Position You Are Applying For

This is a very tough interview question and the best way to answer the question is in relation to the job position you are applying for. Some jobs require a lot of independent research while others don’t. Other jobs require mixed research that is a bit of independent and supervisory research. Research the job requirements and the organization’s research methodology in order to know the approach to take. For instance, if you say you love independent research and then the company only permits direct research; this can hamper your chances of getting the job. For Jobs that require independent research below is a sample response:

Working as a Pharmacy of an Organization

I do enjoy doing independent research because it helps me to brainstorm without any interference. Most times when I am conducting research, and different inputs from individuals keep coming; I tend to lose focus, and so I prefer conducting my research independently with my team. Working as a Pharmacy of an organization; I was given a project to research a malaria vaccine that can prevent malaria even when someone is bitten by a mosquito. My team and I conducted the research without any supervision; it took us a couple of months to arrive at a solution. We verified the research, and it was very effective and we presented the research to the organization. The project became a success, and it was well accepted nationally and internationally.

 Apply the STAR Interview Technique to Answer the Question

This is a behavioral interview question that prior experience to answer appropriately. STAR Interview Technique is a method of answering behavioral interview questions in a structured manner by describing a specific situation, task, and result of the situation you experienced. The STAR method helps you to explain the pattern in which you handled specific work situations and challenges. The STAR method is also called CAR METHOD which stands for Context/ Challenge, Action, and Result. It can also be called the PAR method which stands for Problem, Action, and Result.

The STAR format stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

  • Situation: An Occurrence, Challenge, Problem, Event, and Project
  • Task: Responsibility, Role, Assignment, Duties, and Obligation
  • Action: Steps and procedures taken to rectify a challenge
  • Results: Outputs or Results of actions taken

An illustration of how to use the STAR technique to answer the question: Do you enjoy independent research?

Working as a Sales Manager for Globacom Telecommunication Company


I enjoy doing independent research with input from my supervisor. I once worked as a Sales Manager of a Globacom Telecommunication company. The company was facing bankruptcy due to low patronage of our products Sim cards and Recharge cards. This was a huge challenge for the company because we were facing severe bankruptcy.


As the Sales Manager of the Company, I was saddled with the task of increasing the company’s profit with a deadline of three months. The responsibility was given to me by my supervisor.


I  conducted research under my supervisor, and I discovered that customers don’t patronize our products because of other telecommunication companies that were offering cheaper services than our company.

 I submitted the research to the company and I came up with a strategy of giving customers cheaper services such as; data, airtime, and even free Sim cards. This new strategy was implemented and the information was disseminated to customers via Television jingles, Radio jingles, and Newspaper adverts.


This action undertaken by the company resulted in an increase in the sales of our products before the expiration of the deadline that was given to me. The research was a huge success; I was promoted and given other projects to handle.


In a nutshell, this question is not really about you, but the organization you intend to work for, you may enjoy doing independent research, but the organization may love to supervise every research. As a smart job applicant answer the question in relation to the organizational policy of the organization and also in relation to the job position you are applying for. Answering this question appropriately will put you in the good books of the job recruiter and land you your dream job. 


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