Do You Consider Yourself to Be Successful

Interview Question: Do You Consider Yourself to Be Successful?

What does success mean to you? For some, it means a lot of money in their bank accounts, a famous, glamorous life, a booming business or career, or happy life in general. We are not necessarily to say that they are wrong. But what would you say if an interviewer asks you if you consider yourself successful? How do you give an appropriate answer related to the interview situation? What do interviewers want to know when they ask that question?

Hiring managers ask the question because they want to assess your definition of career success. Your answer could determine if you will get the job or not. When you give a satisfactory report, then the interviewer is assured that you will replicate those achievements and even more when hired. This means that an interviewer wants to hear what you have accomplished career-wise, not your net worth or how many houses you own. The question is not an invitation to brag but an opportunity to promote your brand and convince the interviewer that you are a profitable candidate. From your answer, your employer will have something to look forward to if they decide to hire you.

Well, what if you do not think that you have attained a maximum level of success in your career? Are you an entry-level job seeker and you don’t think that you have achieved anything substantial? No need to worry anymore. This article is here to help you develop an answer that appeals to any interviewer. These two tips are sure to help you answer the question like a pro.

  • Evaluate Yourself: Your answer to the question should always be a resounding “yes”. If you do not consider yourself a career success, how then do you want to convince the employer that you will be a productive employee? You need to sound confident and sure if you want to assure your interviewer that you have accomplishments that will be a credit to his firm. However, you cannot just say “yes” without having enough proof to back up your claims. It is also unprofessional for you to make bogus claims in a bid to get the job. Honestly evaluate yourself and the achievements you’ve made at a former workplace or even in college. There is no small win. Every achievement is notable. Here’s a list of successes you could look out for when assessing yourself:
  • Setting and Meeting Career Goals: Have you recently acquired a professional qualification? Or you are in the process of getting one? Did you just learn a new skill that will help you in your career? Did you seamlessly move from one career to another? Self-taught yourself? Took or taking an online course? Any notable goals you have set and/or met to better your professional life are successes worth mentioning.
  • Milestones in a Former Workplace: Has your work been commended by colleagues and employers? If your career is in sales and marketing, have you ever surpassed your sales records? Won “Employer of the Month” or any other award? Does your KPI (Key Performance Indicator} from your former workplace show that your performance was outstanding? Were you in a position of leadership? How did you manage the difficulties you faced? What notable things did you achieve as team lead? Have you ever managed a successful project?
  • Personal Achievements: Do you have an excellent work-life balance you are proud of? A supportive family? A hobby that helps you relieve stress and focus on work? They are worth mentioning as icing on the cake.

So you see, you might have downplayed a few successes in your life. Your achievements could be in the past, present, or even plans. Assess yourself and point out the successes that relate to the job position you are interviewing for.

  • Prepare Your Answer Ahead of Time: Develop and practice your answer days or weeks before the interview. It is always advisable to write it down on a jotter or type and save it on your device. Get familiar with what you plan to say so you can answer very smoothly but remember to sound natural. Do not reel your answer out like a robot. To pick accomplishments that apply very well to the job, thoroughly go through the job description and do more research on the company so you can easily find out the requirements of the role. Also, remember to use the opportunity to sell your brand to the interviews and point out ways your achievements will be useful to the company.

Sample Answers

Now you have the clues to developing an answer that works at your disposal, it’s time to pen down your answer. We have prepared some samples to guide you.

“Of course, I do consider myself successful. I say this because I have been able to achieve all the goals I have set within the first few years of my career. I have sharpened my tech skills, taking certification courses virtually and in-person, and most importantly, excelled in them. I see myself becoming more and more productive and the quality of my work getting better as I cross each goal off my list. Setting goals and striving to achieve them is synonymous with success if you ask me and I can’t wait to put my skills to work in your company and cross more goals off my list”.

“Yes, I am successful and I confidently say that because of the challenges I have confronted headlong. As team lead and head of the department at my former workplace for two years, I oversaw challenging projects. Being an effective team lead required interpersonal and leadership skills and I am glad to say that my efforts and that of the whole team paid off numerous times and led to the success of many projects. In the future, if given a chance in your company, I hope to successfully tackle any task I am given no matter how daunting it may seem”.

“I certainly consider myself successful in not just my career but other areas of my life. With effective time management skills, I have been able to maintain a healthy work-life balance, giving considerable attention to my family but also putting work in its place by making sure I get work done at the right time. This makes my professional life thrive and also makes me an employee you can trust to always complete the task on time”.


Final Thoughts

You are successful. Yes, you! We hope this article has proven that and shown you how to convince hiring managers too. Now you can confidently walk into that interview and ace it. We wish you the very best!

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