Division Manager Job Description

Division Manager Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a division manager. Feel free to use our division manager job description template to produce your own. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a division manager.


Who is a Division Manager?

A division manager is solely responsible for supervising the daily operations of a department or division within an organization or a company. Their responsibilities are supervising personnel, planning the division’s budget, giving counsel, settling conflicts among staff, and maintaining the department standard and quality of work. In layman’s terms, a division manager oversees the section of a company for the organization to function properly.

A division manager is a position that came from the syndrome of the division of labor. This entails that functions are divided and authority is delegated to heads of different functions in a company to bring about efficiency. The responsibility of a division manager may differ based on the size of the organization and how the culture of the organization. A person saddled with this responsibility may oversee an entire company’s physical sight such as a construction site. It may be a large department with a large number of employees or working in another company location.

The duty of a division manager entails developing the goals and objectives of the organization. The manager of the company establishes guidelines for employees to follow; it is the responsibility of the division manager to ensure employees in his department comply with these guidelines. He is also responsible for fixing problems that occur in the department because these problems can be an obstruction to division goals and objectives; he achieves this by taking corrective actions.

Division managers are responsible for planning the duties of employees within the department. They often have sub-division heads reporting to them along with other staff. They do an appraisal of employee performance and monitors worker training program. They also perform the responsibility of recruiting and firing workers as well as promoting and disciplining them.

Division managers also collaborate with other department heads to ensure the smooth operation of the organization. They also evaluate their performances and give a tangible reason for the decisions they take in the organization. They explain these decisions to the general manager, vice president, or other top officials within the company.

A division manager handles the financial aspect of his division. He or she monitors divisional budgets and also drafts them; he also tracks the expenditure and approves spending in the division. In a large organization, there are usually sub-division within the division and a division manager is responsible for allocating budgets to the management of these lower divisions he also monitors their adherence to budgets. The division manager approves increased budget requests by the sub-divisional manager.

A division manager’s working requirement is at least a bachelor’s degree while others can get their way to the top based on their sophistication or hard work in the company. Some of the qualities a division manager must possess are strong problem-solving skills, good communication skills, and the ability to be visionary. A division manager works in an office environment although sometime he may be mandated to travel and meet other managers, clients, or customers. The standard working hours of a division manager is 40 hours per week although he may be required to work more than as the need arises. The work can be stressful division managers find it challenging and rewarding. They often have a great task and authority and can bring about a significant impact on the success of their division as well as their companies.


Difference Between a Division Manager and a Regional Manager

A Regional Manager is an individual who manages the operations of a business in a geographical area by keeping up to date with consumer trends and preferences in that area while division managers are in charge of a particular sector or department in the company by focusing on the performance and management operations of that division. People earn these jobs of regional and division managers based on the combination of their industry experience and have held jobs that fall under regional or division manager.


Division Manager Job Description

Below are the division manager job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a division manager job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The following are the duties and responsibilities of a division manager:

  • Manage business operations in assigned divisions to achieve company goals
  • Address business inquiries from clients and team members in a professional manner
  • Identify resources, assign workloads and manage schedules to ensure delivery before the deadline
  • Identify areas of improvement and concerns and then develops strategic action plans
  • Assess division performance and recommend new procedures for performance improvement
  • Resolve business issues and ensure that all escalated issues are closed
  • Ensure that the staff in the department comply with the organization’s policies and procedure
  • Assist in hiring employees, performance evaluation, retention,and firing of employees
  • Identify employee skill deficiencies and provide appropriate training for them
  • Develop and enforce best procedures to ensure operational effectiveness
  • Provide direction and guidance to team members
  • Monitor the performance of staff and discipline attendance regularly
  • Develop new business programs to meet productivity and revenue goals
  • Recommend cost-reduction initiatives while maintaining productivity and quality
  • Work with the financial department to plan and develop the monthly budget for the division
  • Foster and develop relationships with clients, vendors, and industry professionals to create new business opportunities
  • Works with the HR department to handle all inter-division dispute



  • A bachelor’s degree in business, project management, or a similar field
  • A minimum of  two years of proven experience in a managerial role
  • Excellent knowledge of management best practices and strong managerial skills
  • Good conflict resolution and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and team working skills
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills
  • The ability to navigate stressful work situations
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Reporting skills
  • Ability to travel to various locations as the need demands


Essential Skills

A division manager must possess these core skills in other to impact his division and they are:

  • Leadership Skills: As a manager of a division, you are a leader and a role model to other employees; they look up to you for guidance and direction. Effective leadership skills can help you to evaluate their performance and also encourage them to work hard. Strong leadership and mentoring skills can help you to develop some employees into future managers. A division manager also performs a leadership role by hiring, promoting, and terminating an employee’s appointment.
  • Decision-making skills: as a division manager, you are saddled with the responsibility of making very paramount decisions within the department you are heading. Your capability to make great decisions can build the organization and help you to counteract challenges. Your decision-making skills can help you hire, or terminate an employee’s appointment. These skills can help you know about new products and marketing strategies.
  • Problem-solving skills:  as a division manager, you are solely responsible for resolving problems that spring up in your division. Your problem-solving skills can help you find solutions and also help you encourage your team when there is a challenge. You can do this by providing your team with the resources they need to resolve issues and giving constructive feedback when issues are resolved.
  • Analytical Skills: Analytical skills has to do with the ability to evaluate situations and make decisions based on your assessment. As a division manager, you are responsible for making decisions that will impact the company. Having strong analytical skills can help you develop your division and bring about tremendous benefits to the organization.
  • Communication Skills: as a division manager, you are responsible for communicating with your team to pass out information. You can use communication to answer questions and resolve pending issues in the company. Communication is very essential in a division so that your team members will not misinterpret you. Effective communication skills can help you to build a bond with your team members, improve productivity and create a positive work environment.


How to become a Division Manager

An individual considering becoming a division manager must follow the following stipulated steps to be successful:

  • Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

The minimum qualification to become a division manager is to earn a bachelor’s degree in business management. Administration, marketing, or a related field. This degree usually takes four years to complete and you will be taught the rudiments of management which will qualify you to become a division manager.

  • Enroll for a master’s degree

Some employers may prefer a master’s degree or advanced degree in MBA. You can enroll for a master’s degree in Human resources which usually takes eighteen months to complete. This degree will give you an edge over other candidates. This is a managerial role and a master’s degree holder will be more competent for the job. After your master’s degree, you can enroll for your doctorate studies if necessary.

  • Job training

A division manager needs to enroll in training to acquire experience in the industry he or she wants to work such as construction, public relations, or hospitality. A good division manager must also be ready to travel to various locations because it is a requirement. A division manager must also have a valid driver’s license and be free from any criminal record.

He or she needs to learn the policies, procedures, and services the company in the industry he or wants to work offers. They should also learn about the company’s clients and how best to meet their demands.

A division manager may also receive training in a particular or related field before he becomes a division manager. For instance, a former journalist may receive training in management before he or she becomes a division manager.

  • Certification & Licenses

A division manager can acquire certification in management or a division manager’s credentials. For instance in Nigeria, he can acquire certification in the Nigerian Institute of Management. This certification will help him harness skills in the area of management. This credential that the candidate has the knowledge and experience needed to manage a division.

In addition, a division manager must acquire his or her license to legally operate in the organization.

  • Draft your Resume
  • Draft your resume and include your educational qualification, skills and experience make your you highlight skills such as oral and written communication, reporting, analyzing, project management, and multitasking. These skills are required for a division manager and employers will be overwhelmed by your resume if you highlight these skills.
  • Apply for Open Positions

Most organizations especially large ones need a division manager to manage the organization. The division manager first of all must make a decision on the kind of industry he wants to work for instance financial, communication, entertainment, or telecommunication industry. After he has decided, he should look for open positions in companies in that industry. You can take advantage of job recruiting sites like LinkedIn or social media.

  • Keep up with emerging trends in the Industry

The first trend for a division manager to keep abreast with is cultural fit which has become an important factor in hiring decisions. This is because it allows employers to match the job candidates with the company’s culture. The company achieves this by conducting thorough interviews, and background checks as well as verifying the candidate’s interests and hobbies.

Another trend is paying more attention to employee engagement. Division managers need to make more research on how to create the perfect employee workspace. This is done by providing feedback and recognizing employees’ hard work. A division manager should motivate employees by giving more opportunities for growth and development, bonuses, and employee reward such as employee awards of the year.

Division managers must promote a positive work environment by creating teamwork and encouraging strong bonds among employees. By being updated with these trends, the division manager will bring about success and tremendous development of the organization.


Where can a Division Manager Work?

A division manager can work in various industries or sectors. A division manager usually works in large organizations or corporations that have divisions. He can work in Government organizations, Companies, firms, Non-Governmental Institutions, and Academic institutions.


Division Manager Salary

  • In the United State, the salary of a division manager is $87,978 per year and $42.3 per hour. The salary may vary based on the experience and the industry the division manager works.
  • In Canada, a division manager earns $92,123 per year and $47.24 per hour. The salary includes allowances such as housing and transportation
  • In Nigeria, the salary of a division manager is 421,000NGN per month while an Engagement Manager earns 540,000NGN.


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