Describe A Time When You Got Up Early

Interview Question: Describe A Time When You Got Up Early

Punctuality is a desirable trait or attribute in the world of work and life; have you wondered why most companies make employees clock or sign in when they come to work? Why is it vital to get up early in the morning? What are the pitfalls or cons of waking up late? How does getting up early affect your performance at work throughout the day? Is there a relationship between getting up early and productivity? Arguably, the time you wake up can make or mar your overall performance.

Apart from wanting to unlock your skillset, the interviewer wants to have an idea of your experiences and personality. Hence, several questions on job seekers’ behaviors are asked. Nowadays, organizations and firms are looking for workers not just to fill vacant roles but to help create an ambient and conducive work environment. Therefore, make sure that you impress the hiring manager when responding to behavioral interview questions. When asked to describe a time when you got up early, don’t give a hypothetical situation; instead, try and recall an experience from a previous job or a time in school where you had to get up early to get work done.

Similarly, the question requires tact and specificity; the employer or recruitment agency expects you to answer in detail. Also, provide a date and time to back up or collaborate your story. Ideally, adopting the STAR method should come in handy; analysts and research has shown that the STAR method is an excellent tool for answering behavioral questions. The elements of STAR give you the platform or opportunity to discuss the situation, task, action, and result from a time when you had to get up early.

Moreover, the process of getting up early is viewed or seen as a healthy habit or practice in the daily routine. Relatively, it is believed that when an individual gets up early, their body will potentially stay active throughout the day. You will be able to complete all the tasks and responsibilities with extra enthusiasm without feeling lethargic. Similarly, getting up early will help you to prepare ahead of time and complete any outstanding or pending work. In other words, getting up early has both physical and mental advantages and benefits. In this article, the best way to approach the interview question-describe a time when you got up early will be discussed.


Why Do Interviewers Ask the Question- Describe a Time When You Got Up Early

Often, the hiring manager asks the question because of the following reasons;

  • The question enables the interviewer or employer to learn about the candidate’s personality.
  • Also, the interviewer can learn how a candidate responds in certain situations by asking the question.
  • In relation, the hiring manager wants to test your ability to think outside the box.


How to Answer the Question- Describe a Time When You Got Up Early

The question-describe a time when you got up early is not a tough question; but to be able to answer the question correctly, you need to be able to develop natural ideas. The employer is interested and focused on hearing your story. Therefore, ensure that there is connectivity in your response; the next statement or sentence should build on the previous one. Indeed, you want to stand out as best as you can. Thus, consider the following when answering the question;

  • Explain when you got up early
  • Tell the interviewer why you got up early
  • Discuss what you did after you got up early
  • Elaborate on how you felt when you work up early
  • Tell the hiring manager who you were with when you got up early

Explain when you got up early: This is the first thing to do when answering the question. Remember, the question requires specifics; providing an exact period when you got up early will increase your chances of getting hired. Not only does it show the interviewer that you are organized, but it also portrays you to be goal-oriented. Additionally, date, time, and specifics are essential in the workplace.

Tell the interviewer why you got up early: There is a reason for doing anything in life including getting or waking up early. Individuals get up early for various reasons. For example, parents might say they got up early to prepare their wards for school and work. Others may get up to prepare for an interview while others simply get up because they enjoy starting early. Relatively, an individual can get up early to go running or for a bike ride. Despite the aforementioned reasons for getting up early being valid, the employer or hiring manager wants a professional response. Importantly, your response should be in line with the position you applied for as well as the vision and goals of the organization.

Discuss what you did after you got up early: Although this appears to be similar to why you got up early, there are clear differences between the two. For example, you may get up early because you wanted to go for a bike ride but ended up going to the gym instead. It is vital to let the interviewer know the exact thing you did when you got up early; mention what happened and how it happened. Even if it was a sequence or series of activities, elaborate on them all.

Elaborate on how you felt when you woke up early: Now you have explained when you woke up early, described why you woke up early, and discussed what you did after you got up early. Next, emphasize how you felt when you woke up early. Recruitment managers are always interested in the feelings of job seekers, especially after a particular activity or task.  Where you happy that you got up early? Were there any regrets? Were you satisfied after getting up early? These and more are things to buttress when describing how you felt after you got up early.

Tell the hiring manager who you were with when you got up early: Finally, your response should end with who was with you on the said day or period. This may be a coworker, a friend, or a family member.


Sample Answer to the Question

Well, I have been a punctual person and I enjoy going to work at the proper time. I developed the habit of getting up early in the morning to do some exercise and prepare for the day. But I get up too early sometimes to get any pending work done.

However, I would like to talk about a particular occasion when I got up extremely early. It was about 4 months ago; during that time, l applied to undertake an IELTS test to improve my English skills and go for further studies abroad. Also, I live in Nasarawa but I filled my test in Abuja which is about 100 km from my city.

Moreover, my test was held at 9:30 am that day; a day before my test day, I did all the work related to the test and set all documents in my documentary folder. After, I put an alarm on my mobile phone to aid me to get up early.

Interestingly, I got up at 4:00 am and I took my bath immediately. I had an early breakfast and ensured that all things I needed for the test were in place. Then, I called my cousin; he dropped me at the bus stop. I took an early bus and reached the venue for my test at 8:30 am and did all the paperwork.

Afterward, the rest of my day was fruitful because I felt satisfied that I was able to get to my test venue on time. To me, that day was my most wonderful experience.


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