Delivery Boy Job Description

Delivery Boy Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Are you searching for a delivery boy job description? Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a delivery boy. Feel free to use our delivery boy job description template to produce your own delivery boy job description. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a delivery boy.


Who is a Delivery Boy?

A Delivery Boy is a young person responsible for transporting items from one place to another. Most times, he works for stores and restaurants. He ensures that the customer’s product arrives at their destination at an arranged time and in good condition. A delivery boy must do more than transport items from one place to another. In this job, he is a caretaker of others’ food, property, documents, and his company’s money and name.

Delivery boys are responsible for managing payments, setting priorities for deliveries to remote places, and keeping track of delivery receipts, among other things. In addition, they handle the corporate car safely and ensure it gets refueled on schedule. They also track shipments, maintain inventory levels, and create daily delivery reports. They should use extreme caution and strictly abide by traffic safety regulations when processing deliveries. Additionally, they will be responsible for researching any anomalies in the order information and offering qualified support to customers with complaints or inquiries.

To perform their duties safely, promptly, and without costing their company time and money, they need good driving skills, physical fit, navigation, and organization skills. Depending on the employer, they might need to load the cargo. For deliveries to multiple destinations, they plan their route and place the items in order according to where and when they reach each recipient. Their trip planning also includes verifying they have all their freight, even if someone else loads it, and preparing any sales tickets or receipts to be signed.

Careful driving extends beyond traffic laws and the rules of the road. They may need to maneuver through crowded, narrow streets or avoid areas with low-clearance bridges or power lines. If their job involves a vehicle with more weight or they deliver hazardous materials, they must get a commercial driver’s license from their state driver’s license or motor vehicle office. Their delivery call does not end with unloading or handing items to customers; they also obtain their signatures on receipts for proof of delivery and the condition of the items at the time of delivery if they can. When they deliver items for sale, they have the customer sign the invoice and leave copies. If their company requires it, they collect payments and coupons.

Their company may expect its delivery personnel to explain to the customer any special handling or care instructions for the merchandise or products or discounts from the company. Their customer relations role also means responding to customer questions and complaints and describing new product offerings. They also keep track of any problems or incidents during their trip.

Their employer will require them to periodically wash the truck, bike, or van and keep it clean. To keep the deliveries going, they are responsible for fueling the vehicle when needed and observing any maintenance plan or schedule of the company. They report any mechanical problems immediately to their supervisor. Some companies, such as certain pizza restaurants, may require them to drive their vehicle.

If they use their vehicle to deliver packages, they might have to have them inspected and maintained to qualify for the job as required by the delivery insurance company.


Delivery Boy Job Description

What is a delivery boy job description? A delivery boy job description is simply a list of duties and responsibilities of a delivery boy in an organization. Below are the delivery boy job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a delivery boy job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

Delivery boys’ duties and responsibilitiesmay differ slightly, depending on which company they work for. Here are several duties delivery boys may handle on a regular:

  • Answer customers’ questions and reply to complaints professionally.
  • Accept and record expenses for delivered packages.
  • Clean and maintain the work vehicle, whether it is for the company or yours.
  • Distribute numerous packages to specific locations within a given time frame.
  • Investigate any discrepancies with the delivered package.
  • Plan daily travel ways based on location and time edges.
  • Load and unload all packages carefully.
  • Obtain customers’ signatures on delivery papers upon the conclusion of each delivery.
  • Report any road accidents and traffic destructions to the company.



  • High school certificate or GED (optional in some cases)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Ability to operate vehicles in different weather and traffic conditions
  • Good driving record with no traffic violations


Essential Skills

There are many skills that delivery boys should have, though essential but not so hard to possess. They are:

  • Technical familiarity

Delivery boys use new and existing technologies to optimize their work performance, like computer billing systems. Consider learning about relevant technologies if you want to prepare for your role as a delivery boy.

  • Communication

It is the most mandatory skill required for a delivery job; delivery boys will communicate effectively by completing reports and interacting with co-workers and customers. When they give delivery updates to customers or share crucial information with supervisors, delivery boys often use written and spoken communication in their work. They communicate with co-workers at work and with customers who receive deliveries. Not being able to communicate can be problematic as it could lead to going to the wrong locations, mixing up deliveries, miscommunication, and more. They also need to write well so they can be seen and understood.

  • Organization

Delivery boys often use organizational strategies to make their transportation processes more efficient and plan their routes. It helps save time and makes the work efficient when they organize things or activities as a person.

  • Safe driving

Since you spend most of your time as a delivery boy operating a vehicle, you should develop driving habits that keep you and other drivers on the road safe. Be sure to follow traffic and road rules, ensure your eyesight is good, and be extra careful when commuting at night and during unpleasant weather.

  • Physically fit

Carrying goods from place to place and driving or riding for long periods requires physical strength and endurance. If you want to become a delivery boy, ensure that you can sit and be on the wheels for long distances, carry packages and store them in your vehicle, and lift heavy items. As your present job requires you to load goods and unload them, you will require good upper body and back strength. It will allow you to lift and carry heavy packages as needed.

  • Teamwork

Delivery boys often work alongside people involved in every step of the delivery process, such as packaging specialists, servers, material handlers, warehouse workers, and supervisors. They need to learn how to work with their team members to make their tasks go smoothly and achieve a common goal.

  • Professionalism

To create a positive reputation for the company they work within and maintain strong customer loyalty, delivery boys keep a clean appearance and behave professionally. To ensure that they maintain a professional appearance and attitude while they work, they adhere to the dress code, keep a neat appearance, and maintain a strong work ethic. Delivery boys often function as representatives of the companies they work for so they prioritize maintaining an easy-to-understand transaction process and creating a positive customer experience.

  • Self-motivate

Since you might be alone at times as a delivery boy, you require the ability to self-motivate and make decisions without direct supervision. It may not be so easy as your co-workers are not around you to motivate you, although you should learn self-motivation.

  • Adaptability

When there is a high volume of orders or when an unexpected event happens, delivery boys use adaptation strategies to maintain consistent workflow and manage stress by focusing on what factors they can control, revising plans when unexpected events occur, observing patterns in their environment, and predicting changes. If a road is closed due to construction or an item is not in stock, delivery boys often benefit from thinking of alternatives and being flexible.

  • Mechanical familiarity

Delivery drivers often use mechanical knowledge to inspect their vehicles, perform routine maintenance and make repairs. They should have a basic understanding of how to maintain their work tool.

  • Attention to detail

It is the required skill for this job as it is necessary for the delivery executive to deliver correct quantities of the accurate items and that all paperwork gets appropriately completed and signed. You should cross-check documents, items, invoices, and every other thing you use or handle while at work.

  • Problem Solving

Being a delivery boy, you need problem-solving skills that can help you address issues that could arise during your shift, including flat tires and road closures. In such situations, you should think of fast solutions that keep customer satisfaction and on schedule.


  • Ethical

High ethical standards might not seem like quality for competent delivery boys – but moral decisions can present themselves in various ways. For example, having a good conscience is necessary to ensure that you are not slacking, deviating from the prescribed route during working hours, or using corporate vehicles for personal purposes. More importantly, be honest with your customers. If you are late to deliver a package, do not make up lousy excuses. It might make the customers lose their respect for you. Remember that honest communication is vital.

  • Drive

When recruiters require an applicant to have a drive as a job requirement, they seek those who are motivated and have the stamina to see a task through to the end, no matter what obstacles they face or how long it takes. Simply taking on a delivery boy job for more than a couple of weeks – even during weird weather – will demonstrate your drive.

  • Can work under pressure

Managing stress is part of working life for many, even making deliveries to the right place, sometimes in the dark, within a set time frame, and in various weather can certainly make for a pressured working environment.

  • Resilience

It means having the inner courage to not get thrown by setbacks but to keep pushing despite different situations. Your resilience will get stronger by any disappointments received on the job, for example, being late to shifts, going through hard times, etc. While working, you may also have developed strategies to boost your resilience: one student cyclist we spoke to says her courier work gave her time to think over any worries.

  • Time management

Hand in hand with being flexible is the need to have good time management, both concerning finding the quickest route when making deliveries and balancing your delivery work with your study and social commitments. To make your deliveries on time, you should professionally manage your schedule. It includes factoring in traffic, road work, and other hostile conditions that might defer your arrival.


How to Become a Delivery Boy

No formal schooling is required to become a delivery boy, as many who are not yet in college take up such jobs to earn income. It is no doubt that some companies may require at least a high school certificate to employ a person as a delivery boy. There are delivery boys with degrees, however, it is more common amongst those with no tertiary education.

To start as a delivery boy, some companies may require the applicants to have their bicycles, scooters, bikes, or use public transportation. However, some provide vehicles the delivery boys can use to transport and deliver goods.

A delivery boy should have a valid driving license and necessary auto insurance coverage to drive a personal vehicle. Companies consider delivery boys with prior experience of driving of any kind and have a working understanding of the neighborhood to be more eligible for the role.


Where to Work as a Delivery Boy

  • Retail businesses
  • Bakeries
  • E-commerce stores
  • Food delivery services
  • Package delivery services
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses


Delivery Boy Salary Scale

Delivery boys’ salaries vary as it depends on their locations, companies they work for, the time duration of their working hours, companies, and other factors.

In the United States

The annual average salary of a Delivery boy is $34,315. The salary range fall between $29,700 – $48,200. Some delivery boys may earn less or more.

In the United Kingdom

The annual average salary of a Delivery boy is £22,630. The salary range falls between £18,705 – $32,440. Some delivery boys may earn less or more.

In Canada

Delivery boys earn between $23,220 – $41,325, they make an annual average salary of $31,000. Some earn less, others more.

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