Commis Chef Job Description

Commis Chef Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a commis chef. You can use our job description template in this article to produce your own. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a commis chef.


Who is a Commis Chef?

A Commis Chef is an apprentice chef that works under the supervision of a chef de partie to hone their skills and understand the ins and outs of each particular circumstance. The first step on the ladder leading to the top chef’s position is to work as a commis chef.

A commis chef typically has just finished culinary school or is continuing in school while working and attending more culinary school. It is the perfect place to start for anyone who wants to advance into senior jobs in the catering sector because it is an entry-level position.

Commis chefs often work in the kitchen with several station chefs, commonly referred to as chef de partie. They will assist with ingredient preparation and any other tasks the chef de partie requests. Commissary chefs are shifted to the kitchen frequently to help other cooks.

Serving at various workstations is an excellent method to learn about your preferences and determine what you want to concentrate on (saucier, pastry chef, etc.). As a result, working as a commis chef will enable you to identify the kind of chef you want to become. The duties of a commis chef can change depending on which chef de partie they are supporting.

Regular delivery of fresh groceries and other items is often made to kitchen restaurants; it is the commis chef’s responsibility to be punctual and assist with hauling and unloading. Unpacking deliveries is important since it will help you understand where everything goes and how the kitchen functions.

The commis chef must measure the ingredients for each recipe before the restaurant opens. Before the chef may start working at some stations, the specific spices and ingredients must be prepared. The commis chef must thus measure them according to the instructions.


Commis Chef Job Description

Below are the commis chef job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The duties and responsibilities of the Commis Chef include the following:

  • Plan, arrange, and set up daily meals for restaurants in collaboration with managers, team leaders, and kitchen workers.
  • Create, implement, and keep up quality control procedures
  • Keep prompt, accurate records of all kitchen activities.
  • Make sure to adhere to all national, state, and local regulations.
  • Keep thorough records of food expenses and stock.
  • Contribute to menu planning, including its creation, implementation, and costing.
  • Maintain inventory levels precisely, rotate them, and stock up as needed.
  • Keep the kitchen spotless by properly defrosting, cooking, and storing meats, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Prepare all food products according to instructions and recipes.
  • Establish and follow a timetable for purchasing and maintaining kitchenware and supplies.
  • Create, carry out, and uphold cost-cutting and savings targets.
  • Help with recruiting, training, and managing the culinary crew
  • Make daily and weekly inspections to ensure the kitchen complies with health regulations.
  • Develop and preserve a positive rapport with clients and coworkers.



  • High school diploma, GED, or its equivalent
  • A culinary arts associate’s degree, certificate, or certification is desirable
  • Possess a food handler’s license (preferable)
  • Documented Experience as a pChef, Prep Cook, or a similar position in the hospitality sector
  • Understanding of current food safety and health laws
  • Capable of working weekends and holidays


Essential Skills

Here are the skills you require to excel in your role as a Commis Chef:

  • Communication
  • Cooking Techniques
  • Creativity
  • Customer Service
  • Food Safety Expertise
  • Inventory Control
  • Multi-tasking
  • Organizational
  • Business Savvy
  • Physical Stamina
  • Cooking Passion
  • Team-playing


Communication skills with other kitchen crews are crucial for commis chefs. This skill is also crucial to guarantee that everyone follows the correct procedures. You may effectively observe a station chef and comprehend your job if you have good communication skills. You can anticipate speaking with vendors to place orders for the weekly inventory as a commis chef. To ensure you order the right things and quantities of each, utilize your communication abilities.

Cooking Techniques

Food preparation processes are known as cooking techniques. This includes your cooking style, your equipment choices, and any unique methods you could employ to prepare particular foods. By using different cooking methods, you can adjust to various kitchen circumstances and give your restaurant’s customers distinctive dining experiences.


Restaurants must create menus and culinary offerings that are tantalizing and different from their competitors. You may help the cooks prepare the menu for the restaurant as a commis chef. Creative thinking skills may be helpful when thinking of innovative ways to enhance meals and developing seasonal menu items.

Customer Service

Commis chefs frequently deal with clients directly, so they need to be able to provide good customer service. They must be able to accept orders from customers, respond to inquiries, and offer details about menu items. Additionally, having good customer service skills will help them get along with their managers and the rest of the kitchen crew.

Food Safety Expertise

A commis chef should know food safety rules and laws. For instance, it is crucial to thoroughly wash your hands before and after handling food with warm, soapy water.

Inventory Control

A commis chef must be able to keep track of their supply and ingredient inventories. This involves knowing the ingredients required for each dish on the menu, their quantities, and storage locations. It also entails being able to track when to cycle out or refill materials.


Throughout the day, a commis chef must complete several responsibilities. They could simultaneously cook, sanitize work areas and tools, store supplies, and interact with customers. They can do their responsibilities quickly and with a high level of cleanliness and customer service if they can multitask.


Commis chefs oversee a restaurant’s food inventory and supply and place any necessary orders. Think about acquiring knowledge of kitchen organization, including supply storage. Given the busy nature of restaurant kitchens, it could be advantageous to divide the cooking processes into different stations. You might, for instance, put all of your preparation supplies in one place.

The amount of food to store is another decision made by commis chefs depending on the current menu and the demand for particular foods. This duty calls for strong organizational abilities to ensure the appropriate and orderly administration of food supplies and materials for the kitchen’s smooth operation.

Business Savvy

A commis chef has to be aware of how the restaurant business works. For the restaurant to make a profit, it is critical to comprehend how to set menu prices, stick to a spending plan, and manage staff. The ability of cooks to monitor weekly earnings and expenses is also essential. You may get business knowledge as a commis chef and use it to make better judgments at work.

Physical Stamina

While purchasing merchandise and reviewing menus, a chef might anticipate sitting sometimes, but standing for long is required for most of the job. You might anticipate taking regular strolls as you prepare meals. You can also lift and store bulky supplies and meals.

Cooking Passion

A commis chef should have a passion for cooking since it may keep them inspired and involved in their profession. Their willingness to practice and take on difficulties may make learning new skills simpler for them if they are passionate about the culinary arts. A commis chef with a passion for cooking could prefer working in a culinary setting to one who does not.


Knowing how to collaborate with others is crucial since working in the kitchen often requires a team. A commis chef has to be able to listen carefully and communicate well with their superiors. They must also be prepared to assist other culinary staff members as necessary. This is particularly true if they wish to grow in their careers since many executive chefs are former commis chefs who put in a lot of effort to climb the ladder.


How to Become a Commis Chef

Below are the steps to take to become a Commis Chef:

Step One: Attend a Culinary School

Attending a culinary school might offer you an advantage while attempting to advance through the ranks of the kitchen brigade system, even though a high school certificate or GED is typically the sole need for a commis chef post. To begin earning an associate’s degree, take culinary arts courses at a nearby community college. Without a formal degree, you still have a lot of alternatives for developing your culinary abilities, but the best method to improve as a chef is through on-the-job training.

Step Two: Draft your Resume Accordingly

Pay special attention to any prior culinary experience. Jobs as commis chefs frequently require cooking expertise. Inform your references that you will love to apply for commis chef opportunities by reaching out to them. For each application, create a thoughtful cover letter.

Step Three: Learn About the Laws Governing Health and Safety

Read up on local or state food safety laws and rules before attending a job interview at a restaurant. When you discuss the commis chef role with a potential employer, having a general awareness of these laws will help you learn more. Some establishments demand that commis chefs get a food handling card.

Step Four: Investigate Nearby Eateries

Search for the ideal workplace carefully. Apply to restaurants serving the cuisines you want to explore further. Research online, select a few locations, and start the application procedure.

Step Five: Familiarise Yourself with the Menu

Study the menu for that particular restaurant and familiarize yourself with the ingredient list whenever you have an interview. Some restaurants can need you to complete a trial shift, which gives you the chance to test out the position for a few hours. Remember to ask questions if you need clarification throughout this trial shift.

Step Six: Learn More about Culinary

Despite being a rookie chef position, commis chef positions offer chances to improve your culinary abilities. Practice braising, roasting, blanching, and other culinary procedures and techniques. Learn all about the ingredients on the menu. From chefs at various stations, get knowledge. Decide whether you want to specialize in a particular occupation while working as a commis chef, such as a saucier, pastry chef, or line cook.

Step Seven: Clean As Often As Possible

Certain hygiene requirements must be upheld to ensure the safety of the food being prepared in a commercial kitchen. You should have a sterilized cloth nearby to wipe the kitchen’s tools and surfaces throughout your shift. Wash your hands frequently, and where necessary, use gloves and a hairnet.


Where to Work as a Commis Chef

Schools, hotels, company cafeterias, restaurants, private residences, and other food service companies are just a few places where commis chefs can work. Additionally, they can own their own catering companies.

You may anticipate a hectic work environment as a commis chef. This work might be physically hard since you spend most of the shift standing up. Commis chefs can become injured by sharp objects, hot ovens, fryers, and burners, slippery floors, and other hazards, so it is critical to maintaining mental alertness during your shifts. For special occasions, commis chefs often work full-time and perhaps extra hours on weekends, holidays, and evenings.


Commis Chef Salary Scale

A Commis Chef in the United States makes, on average, $43,192 a year, or $20.77 per hour. This amounts to $830 each week or $3,599 per month. A commis chef’s salary can range from $21,000 to $92,500 annually.

The yearly average pay for Commis Chefs in the UK is £22,113, ranging from £19,000 to £26,500.

In Canada, a commis chef makes an average pay of CA$ 37,050 per year or CA$ 19 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to CA$ 48,358 per year, while entry-level positions start at CA$ 35,880.

In Germany, a commis chef can expect to make €26,716 a year.

In Australia, a commis chef makes, on average, AU$ 50,899 a year, or AU$ 25.23 an hour. Most experienced professionals earn up to AU$ 97,000 per year, while entry-level ones start at AU$ 48,061 annually.

In Ireland, a commis chef makes an average hourly wage of €11.67 or roughly €24,273 gross annually.

Most commis chefs earn between ₦28,831 and ₦85,760 per month in Nigeria.

Salary ranges can vary significantly based on various crucial aspects, including education, credentials, skills, and the length of time working in a given field.

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