Best Questions To Ask Interviewers To Secure A Job

Best Questions To Ask Interviewers To Secure A Job

With the uncertainties surrounding job interviews, it is important that as a job candidate you make adequate preparations before attending any interview. During an interview session, it always gets to the point where the job candidate will ask the interviewer questions, when the moment comes, it is recommended that you ask the interviewer questions. Asking the hiring manager questions can help you get hired.


Before you ask the hiring manager questions, here are steps to take.

  1. Research: It is very crucial to carry out research on your prospective company before attending the interview. Carrying out the research will give you a clue on what to ask and what not to ask the hiring manager. It also helps you to find out if the company will be the right environment for you to grow and develop your career.
  2. Preparation: After researching your company, preparing for the interview is the next step. Prepare questions to ask your prospective employer about your role and the organization. You need to find out if the organization is the best place for you.
  3. Ask questions where necessary: If in the process of the interview, you have a question to ask, don’t wait till when the hiring manager gives you an opportunity to ask questions before you ask. You can ask your questions in between questions.

Why Hiring Managers Ask Job Candidates If They Have Any Question

When a hiring manager asks a job candidate if they have any questions, they want to find out if you really understand the job that you’re applying for. Here are a few reasons why the hiring manager asks you to ask questions.

  1. Values: When the hiring manager requests that you ask them questions, they want to know the values that you uphold, why you uphold them, and see if your values are in alignment with the company’s goals.
  2. Enthusiasm: Showing enthusiasm in a job interview can help you get hired. There are instances where hiring managers employ job candidates that have little or no experience prior to the interview, but because they showed enthusiasm towards the job, they were able to get the job. Your enthusiasm shows your willingness and zeal to work with your prospective company.


Why You Need To Ask The Interviewer Questions

As a job candidate, here are the reasons why you should ask the hiring manager questions.

  1. Connection- Asking your hiring manager questions helps you to build a relationship with the hiring manager. Building this connection might be the gateway for you to get hired.
  2. Culture: Organizational structure differs, you need to know the culture of your prospective company to know if the culture is the right fit for you.
  3. Challenges: Asking the employer questions helps you to find out if the company is facing any challenge and see how you can use your skills, expertise, and experience to solve the problem.

Best Questions To Ask The Hiring Manager

It is very difficult to come up with great questions to ask in a job interview. Asking the hiring manager the right questions can increase your chances of getting hired. The tables have turned: now, it’s your turn to question your interviewer. While asking the questions, pay rapt attention to the response(s) of the hiring manager because therein lies the answers that you may be looking for.

The following tips will guide you in asking your hiring manager the right questions.

Question 1

What have prior employees done to succeed in this position?

Asking this question shows that you have a great eye for success and you are willing to contribute meaningfully to the growth of the organization.

Question 2

Can you tell me more about the team l will be working with and how the company fosters a healthy environment?

Asking this question gives you a great insight into who you will be working with.

Question 3

What additional skills or experience do you wish l had that would have made me a better candidate for this job?

Asking this question is to know where your strength and weakness in the job lies: it will help you to know areas that you can improve on. This is a polite way of asking your employer about your shortcomings, you want to know what you would have done better.

Question 4

Are there opportunities for professional development?

When asking the above question, you want to find out if there are opportunities for growth and if the company organizes training for their employee. It’s not advisable to work in an organization that has little or no interest in your growth and development.

Question 5

What’s next for me after the interview?

After the interview session, you need to know the next steps to take in anticipation of getting hired. You need to know if there’s another stage of the interview, and how long it will take the hiring manager to send either messages or emails to the job candidates to let them know if they were hired or not.

Question 6

What do you like most about this company?

Asking the hiring manager about what they like most about your prospective company helps you to know if you’d be happy working with the company and ascertain if the company will be a right fit for you.

Questions Not To Ask The Interviewer

There are questions that you should avoid asking the hiring manager. Asking the wrong questions may not get you hired. The following are questions you should avoid asking.

Question 1

How much is my salary?

As a job candidate, kill that urge to ask your prospective employer about your salary during the interview, if you ask them about the salary, it may leave an impression that you are there for the money not for the value your presence will add to the organization.

Question 2

How often do you promote employees?

Asking this question may be a turn-off for your employer. Your hiring manager may liken the act to being arrogant and entitled. The organization has not yet hired you and you are already talking about promotion, you may pass the impression that you’re only interested in what the company can offer but not the value that you will be adding.

Question 3

Will you monitor my social media platforms?

With the high increase in the use of social media, hiring managers research their prospective employees to see if they will be the kind of persons that they will want to work it. There’s no point asking the question because your hiring manager may feel that you are trying to hide something and you do not want anyone prying on you.

Before attending a job interview, always make sure you go prepared with the questions that you will ask the interviewer. Avoid asking questions that will make the hiring manager uncomfortable, you don’t want to make them feel that you want to take their job away from them. The point of asking questions is to know your prospective employers well and find out if the work environment is one that you will like to work in.

The above tips will help you to ask the best interview questions to your interviewers and secure a job. I hope you find it helpful.

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