Autocad Drafter Job Description

Autocad Drafter Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Are you searching for an Autocad drafter job description? Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of an Autocad drafter. Feel free to use our Autocad drafter job description template to produce your own Autocad drafter job description. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as an Autocad drafter.


Who is an Autocad Drafter?

An Autocad Drafter is a computer technology expert who makes designs for architects and engineers. AutoCAD is a piece of computer software that allows for the rendering of drawings. Autocad drafters are experts in using computer-aided design (CAD) to draw and construct 2D and 3D models of structures for buildings.

Autocad Drafters create 2D and 3D technical drawings using software like Autocad from Autodesk. These illustrations serve as blueprints to construct manufactured goods, including equipment, toys, microchips, plumbing, and electrical systems.

The finest AutoCAD drafters blend skills like arithmetic and analytical thinking with creativity and spatial relationships to create designs that are alluring, useful, and unique.

Engineers and architects construct their designs, and computer-aided design (CAD) drafters turn them into technical drawings. Each drawing needs to be very specific about the dimensions, codes, materials, and production processes.

The field can also provide answers to issues with engineering and manufacturing. For upcoming designs, they use CAD software to specify the appropriate measurements, materials, and tolerances. It can also create lifelike visuals for an accurate representation of how a design would work in practice.

Autocad, a commercial drafting program introduced by Autodesk in 1982, is the most common tool used by CAD drafters today. Today, drafters apply it to the design stages in the manufacturing, construction, and infrastructure sectors.

Additionally, Autocad drafters have a variety of specialties. For instance, an architectural drafter works on plans for new structures, defining the building’s kinds, materials, and structural elements. Additionally, they could study building codes, compile construction site reports and perform calculations on building materials.

Meanwhile, electrical drafters create wiring schematics that construction workers use to install and maintain machinery across home and commercial structures.

While civil drafters use information from topographical surveys and geophysical reports in their drawings, mechanical drafters emphasize the linkages between mechanical parts and systems. Civil drafters also manage technicians and perform excavation calculations.

Electronic drafters create wiring diagrams and put them together for circuit boards. Additionally, they produce technical drawings for production and situations requiring installation and reparation of electronic equipment and components.

CAD drafters have recently discovered chances in the entertainment industry as well. It is possible to create motion capture clean-up, animation, simulation, and storyboarding with CAD software. Additionally, it can provide special effects for the video game, television, and film industries.


Autocad Drafter Job Description

What is an Autocad drafter job description? an Autocad drafter job description is simply a list of duties and responsibilities of an Autocad drafter in an organization. Below are the Autocad drafter job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write an Autocad drafter job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The duties and responsibilities of an Autocad drafter include the following:

  • Consult with engineers, designers, and architects to debate design concepts.
  • Create brand-new product designs.
  • Describe the dimensions, measurements, and notes for the supplies required to finish the project.
  • Make technical plans and schematics for building structures and products.
  • Work with other staff to refine designs, gather technical information, and fix problems.
  • Modify and revise designs to address operational shortcomings and reduce production issues.
  • Place additional instructions and comments in technical drawings and blueprints by writing them.
  • Present rough design sketches for client approval.
  • Verify that product designs adhere to the necessary structural and safety standards.
  • Utilize AutoCAD to produce CAD models for surfaces and solids.
  • Combine technology with aesthetics to produce finished designs.
  • Provide several design vantage points for construction adaptations and enhancements.



  • An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in computer design or similar course
  • An understanding of the usage of Autocad
  • Experience in a related role, through internship or apprenticeship
  • Great drawing technique
  • Computer software skills, especially the ones relevant to drawing


Essential Skills

  • 2D drafting

The process of producing 2D drawings of flat-plane representations of objects is known as 2D drafting. AutoCAD drafters use this ability to make technical diagrams and illustrations for various applications, such as mechanical design or building construction. You should be familiar with fundamental geometry concepts and how they relate to sketching on a computer screen to succeed in this position.

  • 3D modeling

Three-dimension modeling is building a virtual item that anyone can view from any angle. To produce technical drawings for construction projects, Autocad drafters use 3D modeling. Additionally, they could create new prototypes for businesses using 3D modeling software.

  • Attention to Details

Your ability to pay attention to detail will help you do your job well. Autocad drafters must be careful when developing and editing their work to produce accuracy. It entails paying strict attention to measurements, symbols, language, and other specifics. Ensure to examine your work before submitting your work for review.

  • AutoCAD

Autocad drafters use computer-aided software to produce technical drawings. Since most businesses that hire Autocad drafters use it for their projects, being familiar with this software might help you develop in your career. If you take on the role of manager or head of an engineering team, you can also be required to train others on how to utilize the program.

  • Creativity

The capacity to come up with original ideas and solutions is creativity. You might have to think of original ways to portray various design elements as an auto drafter. For instance, if your business utilizes a specific typeface for its logo, you might need to make symbols that resemble each letter to guarantee uniformity across all project-related papers.Building codes knowledge

Autocad drafters must understand the essential building codes and standards. By doing this, they can ensure that the building satisfies the minimal standards for everyone who will live there and work there in terms of health and safety. Similar to that, obtaining building permits requires these designs. Any mistakes or oversights could endanger the structure’s viability.

  • Communication

The capacity to present knowledge in a way that others can understand is known as communication. You might collaborate with individuals with no experience in your line of work as an Autocad drafter. Therefore, it’s critical to communicate technical ideas in a form that is understandable to others. Additionally, you must know how to express yourself succinctly and clearly in writing, such as in emails or reports.

An important factor in successful design execution and construction is communication. Drawing is a language used in architecture and engineering that enables the intended design to be implemented in the real world. If the Autocad drafter cannot communicate properly, it will show on the paper, which can cause problems for the designer and the contractor.

  • Basic Knowledge of Building Information Modeling Services

Many businesses are looking for Autocad drafters with a fundamental understanding of BIM. Along with many other benefits like visualization, correct coordination, and representation of the functional features of the materials, BIM also fosters creativity and innovation. Drawings taken directly from the 3D virtual model are precise and accurate. This is possibly why even Autocad drafters should have a basic understanding of BIM.

  • Engineering sketches and drawings

Autocad drafters use engineering drawings to make detailed schematics of equipment, structures, and other things. Strong drafting skills necessitate mastery of computer-aided design tools like AutoCAD. You can hone this skill by practicing producing several types of drawings, such as floor layouts, electrical schematics, and mechanical designs.

An Autocad drafter should possess an eye for design to conceptualize the surface pieces into an appealing solution.

Architects, engineers, and designers frequently provide drafters with rough sketches and concepts to turn into detailed blueprints. These orthographic representations could be blueprints, schematics, or diagrams used to create a building. Even though they complete most work using software, every CAD drafter should be proficient in manual drafting.

  • Mathematics skills

The constraints and limitations of algebra serve as the foundation for all drafting talents. Numerous mathematical computations are required, in addition to the fundamentals of shapes, lines, viewpoints, etc. An Autocad drafter should know planimetry, and projective geometry, to produce accurate drawings. Additionally, each discipline has its norms and requirements. There is no longer a need for mental calculations, but you should still be able to determine when a calculation is accurate or not.

  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Autocad Drafters must comprehend geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T). You can use this system of icons, lines, and text to explain your design objective to those who might not be experts in the field or software. Additionally, it guarantees that the finished product complies with all safety requirements.

  • Product Design

AutoCAD drafters apply their knowledge of product design to construct a product’s physical components. It includes establishing the product’s size, choosing the materials, and ensuring it is practical and secure. Autocad drafters can use solid product design skills to ensure that items are designed before they create them.

  • Technical Skills

Your job-related technical skills are the aptitudes you possess. These include understanding computer software, applications, and other equipment relevant to your field. Technical proficiency can help you complete your tasks more quickly and advance in your profession. AutoCAD is a popular drafting application that an Autocad drafter should master to become one. With the advancement of technology, you might also need to learn new software.

  • Inventor

Autocad drafters utilize the software application, Inventor, to produce technical drawings. Autocad drafters should be familiar with this program because it enables them to create precise, high-quality work.

  • SolidWorks

Drafters utilize SolidWorks, a computer-aided design program, to produce 3D models of their designs. Auto CAD drafters should be familiar with this program because it enables them to make more accurate and detailed drawings. It can facilitate the drafter’s ability to express their thoughts to others clearly, speed up project completion and produce better overall outcomes.

  • Technical Writing

The capacity to write precise and understandable technical content is known as technical writing. Technical writing skills are frequently used by Autocad drafters when producing intricate construction designs for engineers or contractors. They must draft documents in a way that clearly explains how to build one for a structure to be created properly.

  • Project Management

Because they enable you to fulfill deadlines and guarantee that your projects contain all necessary components, project management skills are crucial for drafters. You can use project management techniques to divide the task into smaller sections, so you start working on it earlier in the week.

  • Organization

Being organized means being able to keep track of your tasks and supplies. You could have to arrange digital files on a computer system or actual papers in a filing cabinet as an Autocad drafter. Organization skills can help you discover information quickly when needed and reduce stress.

  • Time Management

Time management is the capacity to schedule and carry out work in a way that guarantees you meet deadlines. Time management abilities are crucial for an Autocad drafter because they enable you to finish tasks on time and guarantee that your work satisfies client requirements. Try making a task list for every project you take on and setting reasonable goals for each activity to enhance your time management abilities.


How to Become an Autocad Drafter

To become an AutoCAD drafter, take the following actions:

Advance your education

An associate’s degree in computer design is necessary to work as an AutoCAD drafter. Many Autocad drafters attend technical schools to receive an education more focused on the skills they use on the job. Technical schools also provide more opportunities for students to gain work experience through practical training.

Some businesses may prefer a bachelor’s degree as you may find employment more quickly after graduation if you have a higher level of education. The ability to use Autocad is a requirement for Autocad drafters in both degree programs. Additional training programs for AutoCAD drafters include Geometry, 3-D modeling, electrical apparatuses, and engineering design.

Create a portfolio

A compilation of work called a portfolio serves as a demonstration of your abilities to potential employers. Developing your portfolio can help with job hunting. Save your 2D models and drawings from when you were in school and include them in your portfolio. Additionally, you might practice designing so that you have additional examples to include in your portfolio. Take the time to include these models and sketches in your portfolio as you accumulate real-world experience.

Apply for job

Post your resume for jobs in your area of drafting. Visit job boards or career search portals to find vacancies. It might be beneficial to look for an entry-level in an architectural, civil, or mechanical drafting role if you intend to obtain a certification in a particular area. To better impress hiring managers, submit your portfolio together with your resume.

Acquire credentials

For Autocad drafters, there are many certificates to take into account. A certification can help you advance professionally and sharpen your talents. Each specialization in drafting has its certification, but there is also a certification for the AutoCAD program.

Before earning the AutoCAD Professional certification, candidates must have two years of work experience.


Where to Work as an Autocad Drafter

Autocad drafters spend most of their workdays in an office or studio. They also work in waste management, manufacturing, construction, and architectural design.

Their working environment may vary based on the industry. An Autocad drafter frequently meets architects at the job site to go through designs. Most of a drafter’s work is done on a computer using AutoCAD software, but they may handle inventories or attend meetings to present designs to clients.


Autocad Drafter Salary Scale

The average pay for Autocad drafters in the United States is $54,220, while others’ salaries range from $33,115 to $86,555

In the United Kingdom, the average Autocad Drafter pay is £29,475.

Education, work experience, and location are factors that may affect an Autocad Drafter’s salary.

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