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Amazon Picker Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Are you searching for an Amazon Picker job description? Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of an Amazon Picker. Feel free to use our Amazon Picker job description template to produce your own Amazon Picker job description. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as an Amazon Picker.


Who is an Amazon Picker?

An Amazon Picker is someone who takes things off shelves and packages them for delivery to customers. They collaborate with a group of other Amazon workers, such as stowers, sorters, and packers.

Physical endurance is a need for the job of an Amazon picker. They should have the stamina to stand for extended periods while using their hands and arms to work. They must recover stuff swiftly and effectively, so the tempo is brisk.

Your primary duty as an Amazon picker will be to take things from your boss to fulfill customers’ orders. You will be in charge of labeling certain products and ensuring that proper stock levels are maintained, in addition to this fundamental duty.

Amazon pickers will need to develop new skills to keep up with the changing sector needs as automation gains popularity. Automation in this context involves choosing and packing things using robotics and other technology. The fact that eCommerce is still expanding is excellent news for those who want to work as Amazon pickers, as jobs will be on the rise.

Amazon Pickers will continue to be in demand as online purchasing grows more widespread. This implies that Amazon pickers must be able to stay up with emerging trends and be ready to adjust to developments in the eCommerce industry.

As an amazon picker, you should be able to rapidly and precisely choose things off shelves to stay competitive. They must be able to work swiftly and effectively while maintaining a high standard of accuracy if they are to continue to be successful. They must also be able to adjust to changes in the workplace and emerging technology that might boost productivity.

Amazon Pickers have a special chance to advance inside the firm. They can move up the ranks to become a forklift operator, supervisor, or manager through effort and devotion.


Amazon Picker Job Description

What is an Amazon Picker job description? An Amazon Picker job description is simply a list of duties and responsibilities of an Amazon Picker in an organization. Below are the Amazon Picker job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write an Amazon Picker job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The duties and responsibilities of the Amazon Picker include the following:

  • Count product multiple times before bringing the appropriate quantity to the packaging pallet.
  • Enter information regarding choosing, packaging, and loading into the preset Amazon database.
  • Keep up-to-date production and packaging logs
  • Inform the manager right away of any mistakes in product selection and amount.
  • Inspect the item to ensure it is undamaged and in good functioning order.
  • Keep harmed objects in a designated, clearly marked place and notify supervisors.
  • Move the products to the pallet for packaging and pack them in the designated containers.
  • Ensure that containers are correctly labeled.
  • Calculate the packed container’s weight and add information to the packing.
  • Insert the package’s details manually, along with its status into the database.
  • Use glue, nails, and other fasteners to secure containers that hold goods.
  • Use forklifts or manual tools to move boxed products to the shipment pallet.
  • Ensure proper safety gear is used while loading product containers onto vehicles.
  • Provide the delivery drivers with the relevant packing paperwork as soon as the package is loaded.
  • Pick up picking orders from managers and look for items in Amazon warehouses.
  • Verify that the chosen item follows the specified order sheet.
  • Rearrange and shift goods within the delivery van to ensure that they are correctly stacked.
  • Manage voice-directed picking procedures by abiding by predetermined rules



  • A high school certificate, GED, or its equivalent
  • Associate degree in logistics or bachelor’s degree in any course (optional, though some firms prefer it)
  • Physically strong and able to lift heavy equipment and products


Essential Skills

Below are the skills you require as an Amazon Picker to excel in the role:

  • Adapt Well to Pressure
  • Communication
  • Detail-orientation
  • Data Entry
  • Picking and Shipping
  • Dexterity
  • Inventory Management
  • Organization
  • Item Management
  • Interpersonal
  • Strong Physical Stamina
  • Quality Assurance
  • RF Scanner Operation
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Time Management

Adapt Well to Pressure

Amazon pickers frequently operate in hectic settings where they must satisfy production targets and customer requests. They could also be the ones to ensure the rest of their team gets the supplies they need to do their assignments. Amazon pickers can operate more effectively under duress by remaining focused and upbeat while performing their tasks.


It’s critical for Amazon pickers to interact with their coworkers because they frequently operate in teams. It might involve paying attention to directions, posing inquiries, and offering comments. They must be courteous and professional while responding to questions or resolving problems since communicating with clients is crucial.


The capacity to detect subtle alterations in a product or its surroundings is known as attention to detail. As an amazon picker, you should pay close attention to detail while packaging orders to guarantee that you correctly position the items in the box and securely seal it.

The ability to spot minor changes in a product or packaging demonstrates attention to detail. This ability is crucial since it ensures the product you are picking is in good shape, and that the item is well secured, and correct. By doing this, you can ensure that both Amazon and its merchants send the right products to customers and receive the goods they requested.

Data Entry

Entering information into a computer system is known as data entry. The ability to input and understand data is crucial for amazon pickers since they utilize it to document their job. Additionally, you might have to enter consumer orders into a computer system or database, which calls for proficient data entry abilities.

Picking & Shipping

Amazon pickers transport goods from storage sites to the packaging area using their knowledge of this skill. They must be able to read product labels, comprehend warehouse operations, and adhere to safety regulations.


The ability to do activities with your hands and fingers is known as dexterity. For Amazon pickers, dexterity is a crucial talent since it enables careful handling and packaging of the items they receive.

You can use this ability to your advantage whether handling products in general, scanning barcodes, or utilizing a computer. You need this skill to be able to scan products and place them correctly. This ability may be necessary for other facets of your job, such as operating equipment or operating a forklift.

Inventory Management

The capacity to monitor and arrange a company’s inventory is known as inventory management. You may need to manage the inventory of the goods you handle as an Amazon picker. This involves knowing which items are available and which are out of stock. Additionally, it entails knowing where each item is in the warehouse.


Amazon pickers must be well-organized if they want to do all their tasks on time, ensuring they do not miss any stages may be made easier with strong organizational abilities.

As an amazon picker, you should be able to arrange your workspace and the things you handle. It entails keeping track of the things you do and your workspace tidy and organized. You need to know each product’s location to locate it. Additionally, it guarantees you do not misplace any supplies and helps them keep track of their job.

Item Knowledge

For an Amazon picker, being able to recognize and comprehend the many accessible product kinds is a key skill. They need to be aware of the items that are offered on the website and the categories of products in great demand. They may use this information to decide which items to order and which ones to keep on the shelf.


You may establish relationships with clients and coworkers by being approachable. Being amiable and pleasant to everyone is vital since you can be dealing with folks from all over the world as an Amazon picker.

Strong Physical Stamina

Amazon pickers lift, carry, and transfer products across the warehouse using their physical prowess and endurance. To finish their job shifts without stopping, they also require stamina. Since they frequently spend most of their time standing or moving about, they must preserve their health by being active outside work.

Quality Assurance

The capacity to verify that products are free of flaws and satisfy consumer expectations is known as quality assurance. Amazon pickers evaluate incoming shipments using quality control techniques to ensure they include all required components and materials before sending them out. These abilities are also put to use while ensuring the accuracy and completeness of outbound orders.

RF Scanner Operation

A radio frequency scanner is needed to track inventory and locate objects in storage, thus an amazon picker must be able to utilize one. Amazon pickers make sure they locate all the necessary goods for consumers’ orders by using this technology. Additionally, they must be able to read text on computer screens that show product locations.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service plays a significant role in Amazon’s selection process. Customers that visit the Amazon fulfillment center or warehouse should receive exceptional customer service from you. This includes welcoming clients, responding to their inquiries, and resolving any problems they might be experiencing.

Time Management

The ability to organize and carry out duties in a way that guarantees you reach your objectives is time management. Amazon pickers frequently have a variety of duties so they must have efficient time management skills. This entails being aware of the duration of each work and planning breaks accordingly. It also entails anticipating any delays or difficulties that can influence your job and being aware of them.


How to Become an Amazon Picker

Below are the steps to becoming an Amazon Picker:

Step One: Education

Most amazon picker roles call for a high school diploma or GED. Some branches, however, favor hiring applicants with some post-secondary education. You can get ready for a career in logistics or warehousing by earning a two-year associate’s degree in the subject or a related discipline. If possible, you can also get a bachelor’s degree to give you the chance of climbing the ladder from being an amazon picker.

Step Two: Experience and Training

Amazon pickers receive on-the-job training. Training may involve instruction on how to use the computer system, find your way around the warehouse, and operate the machinery. Learning how to ship and package goods is another aspect of training.

Amazon pickers may also get on-the-job training in other departments of the business. For instance, young ones may learn how to search for things using the Amazon app and website, respectively.

Step Three: Certifications

To demonstrate that they have a broad grasp of the profession, some employers may ask Amazon pickers to earn a certification unique to their sector.


Where to Work as an Amazon Picker

Amazon pickers work in Amazon fulfillment centers, warehouses, and merchandise in general.

Both full-time and part-time opportunities are available for Amazon pickers. You could have to put in as little as 20 hours or as many as 40hours per week.

There may be times when working overtime is necessary. This will most likely happen during holiday periods like Christmas, etc.

Amazon pickers work shifts that include early morning, afternoon, and late night. To fulfill the massive online retailer’s expanding employment demands, those that can maintain 100% availability are given considerable preference.

It’s crucial to remember that Amazon pickers operate in a demanding environment. You must feel at ease standing and walking continuously throughout the day. Additionally, you should be able to frequently lift to 75 pounds without any additional help from others.

This job necessitates several repeated motions. As part of your everyday duties, you may need to operate certain equipment like pallet jacks and rollers.


Amazon Picker Salary Scale

In the United States, the average salary for an Amazon picker is $32,663 annually or $16.75 per hour. More experienced ones earn up to $37,832 yearly, while entry-level roles start at $30,225.

In the United Kingdom, an amazon picker makes an average pay of £22,709 per year or £11.65 per hour. More experienced ones earn up to £30,298 yearly, while entry-level roles start at £20,827.

In Canada, the average Amazon picker’s salary is CA$32,126 annually or CA$16.48 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level is CA$30,713, while the average yearly salary for more experienced ones is CA$36,465.

The average hourly salary for an amazon picker in Australia is around AU$26.33, which is in line with the global average.

The average annual salary for an amazon picker in Germany is €17,893.

Data is unavailable for Nigeria and Ireland as of when this was compiled.

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